How to Build Huge Biceps Triceps and Big Muscular Chest?

How to Build Huge Biceps Triceps and Big Muscular Chest

Everyone wants to have the perfect body. Be it for fitness, for strength or just for the looks, it is a dream. But the truth is getting your ideal body shape is not easy. It takes years of training and hard work to create that.

But you can start today online fitness training and feel the difference. You can get yourself in shape and more. One of the most important tasks is to get your arms in shape. Arms are the most visible asset. Having huge arms will give you additional strength while lifting and holding things.

Strong arms are usually a sign of security and strength. They give off raw masculinity probably that is why people prefer them over other muscles. They are very useful while lifting and defense.

Now, something to remember is that arms do not just means training your biceps. This entails your biceps, triceps, and every other muscle to give your arms that chiseled and strong look.

Arm Workout Routine

As soon as people hear about an arm workout, they dive right in. They do not consider how technical this just might be. The muscles in your arms are arranged in a specific way and if you want your arms workout to be effective you might want to train in a specific way.

Triceps Exercises

This arms workout starts with triceps. Triceps are muscles located in the back of your upper arm. They are a group of 3 muscles, between your shoulder and elbow. They stabilize your arm. For stronger arms you need to train your triceps as well as biceps.

To get your triceps in shape you can start by rope extensions and pull downs. Using bench press will help get your triceps stronger.

Another way to get your triceps stronger is by Triangle pushups and triceps kickbacks. These give your triceps a full workout.

Bicep Exercises

Biceps are key muscles used for lifting and pulling. Biceps are muscles running from your shoulder to elbow. Training them will increase your strength and power. The best way to get huge arms is to curl your arm towards your shoulder. This strengthens your biceps and helps your arms grow larger.

You can practice multiple arm workout routines like Concentration curls, chin-ups, barbell curls and cable curls Using heavier weight will ensure big biceps more as more muscles are engaged then.

Bicep Exercises

Tips for Growth

The best way to do this is selecting the exercises you would like to do. You can choose 3 to 4 exercises and then do several repetitions. Never rush through any of the repetitions. Take it slow and concentrate on each of them.


You need to find your own pace and tempo for these arm workouts. You can experiment with angles and weights to get the right one for yourself. If you need the right kind of muscle shape and definition you need to train hard. There is no shortcut for this. Along with training, be consistent and have a healthy diet. Do not rush things and find the right temp for yourself.

How to get a bigger Chest?

Impress people at the beach or the gym with your super impressive chest. Chest is also one of the most noticeable features once you have started working out. A more muscular chest means you have little to no body fat.

You can grow your chest to grow your arms some more. A chest workout can also be a great warm up exercise on days when you do not want to have a proper training session. Working your chest muscles will help shape your shoulders as well as arms.

Timer Approach

A great way to get big Chest muscles fast is using a timer approach. The timer approach is great for those who have been working out for several years now. People who are new to this may remain on the concentric approach. The concentric approach ensures that you have slow and thorough reps for muscle building.

The eccentric approach is said to be more helpful in growing big muscles faster. By setting up a timer rather than counting reps, you can see how many reps you can do in a time frame. The faster you do the reps, the faster you can build your muscles. However, this is only best if you are a pro at concentric.

Be Thorough

Make sure you do all your exercises thoroughly otherwise; it is of no use. The best exercises for big chest muscles include bench pressing, squats, overhead press, and dead lifting. These exercises will strengthen your chest muscles and will help you get bulky.

best exercises for big chest muscles

Technique is Important

Using proper technique is important. Your chest workout is of no use if you do not know the right technique. You cannot rush into all the exercises you want to do. You can select a few exercises for big chest and then do repetitions of them.

You can do a mix of seat chest press, parallel bars, and crossover cables, so you can work all your chest muscles. Do not leave any of those out.

Eat and Rest

Now, these two are very important. You need to eat more if you want to increase your chest. You cannot have a small frame and want a big chest. You need to eat enough for all the exercises to be effective.

Rest is key in growing your muscles. You only grow your muscles when you rest. It is optimum if you train your chest twice a week and rest so your body can grow muscles.

Key Tips To Grow Your Muscles

If you really want to grow your chest muscles, I suggest you make goals and targets. Be realistic here. You can then check on your targets every once in a couple of weeks. Setting targets and meeting them will give motivation.

Moreover, you need to train yourself to your maximum capacity. Your chest workout routine must be challenging. You can add chest workout with cables and without cables to push your body to max limit. This would be helpful in determining the right tempo for yourself too.

Wrap Up

Workouts take a toll on body. It is important to rest, eat healthy and remain consistent. Try out different angles and exercises for yourself and see what suits you best. The above tips are for all kinds of bodies and all you must do is keep on training if you want a big chest.



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