Home Maintenance: Your Ultimate Guide to Gutter Cleaning

Out of sight, out of mind. Roof gutters are a classic case of this phrase. Homeowners easily forget about gutter cleaning and maintenance. The integrity of the whole roofing system depends on the clean and efficient gutter systems.

The primary purpose of a gutter and downspouts is to carry away the excess of water to avoid the water woes. It is no secret that water retention can bring extensive and expensive damages to a home.Even the hardscape of a home is not as safe as the dripping water can dismantle the concrete or pavers from the pavements and driveways. The patios and decks are at risk too. Gutters cleaning in Vinings GA is super essential because given the 24 hours to moisture and mold can take hold in your home.

Given all the reasons let us look at some cleaning methods. By far the safest method is to hire professionals for cleaning the gutters. They have the expertise, skill, equipment, and experience to do the cleaning safely.

If you are a homeowner planning to clean your roof gutters and downspouts on your own, this guide is written for you.

1. Wear Personal Protection Equipment

You don’t need armor for cleaning your roof gutters but personal safety is important. Get your hands on a pair of non-slippery and water repellent gloves. If you have a risk of allergies, it is better to take a mask with you.

Wear Personal Protection Equipment

2. Get A Safe and Sturdy Ladder

The most common mistake homeowners do is to not give due attention to the ladders. It is the main reason the cleaning work is considered unsafe for untrained people. When you are ready to take the plunge, make sure your ladder is safe. Extensible ladders are the best option for easy cleaning.

3. Find A Safe Spot to Climb and Work

Only place your ladder on even and firm surfaces. The ladder should be able to handle your weight while you are slightly moving and adjusting your arms to clean the gutters.

4. Asses the Gutter Contents

Before getting started with cleaning assess the condition of gutter contents. The method of debris collection will vary for different seasons of the year. The most important factor is the water content of the debris. Following is a description of various methods used to clean damp or dry debris.

Asses the Gutter Contents

When It’s Damp

It is a bit tricky to handle the wet debris but at times you can’t wait. It is what it is!

  • Gutter Bucket Method

A fairly easy method of gutter cleaning is to use a bucket. You will have to prep the bucket before cleaning. Cut the metal bucket handle is handle using strong pliers.

Adjust the ends into hooks by bending. Now you can hang the bucket on the edges and empty the damp debris into the bucket. It works well for Seamless gutters in Vinings GA.

  • Scoop and Drop Method

The fastest way of gutter cleaning is to directly drop the scooped debris in the trash bag or drop cloth lying below. You have to get on the ladder, scoop the leaves and twigs using a metal rod and drop it down. As you move your ladder along the gutters, drag the plastic tarp along with you.

When It’s Dry

Cleaning the dry gutters is easier and less messy. Beware! the dry leaves may have more of pollens and allergens which can spread into the air on agitation. Use one of the following methods. According to the requirement, you can combine two or three of the methods to get the best results.

  • Hand Scooping

You can use your hands for scooping out the dry leaves. It is best when you have to deal with a small number of leaves. It works well if you have K style gutters in Vinings GA.

Hold a bag in one hand and collect the leaves with the other. Hand scooping takes a lot of time but the results are satisfactory. It can be risky if you are not an expert in handling your weight at the ladder.

  • Vacuuming

The safest method of gutter cleaning is to use a heavy-duty vacuum. It is usually done from the ground. The vacuum has long carbon fiber poles and an angled attachment. You have to direct the vacuum down the gutter while you walk along on the ground.

You have to invest a lot of money on this method. The price of this vacuum might be equal to the money needed for Gutters replacement in Vinings GA.

  • Usage of Air Blower

During the dry months, air blowers or pressure washer can be used to clean the gutters. I have mentioned dry months because, during this time, it is easier to clean the mess from the ground.

The debris is blown out on the ground and later picked up. Never risk this method when the gutter contents are damp. It will be a mess to clean afterward.

  • Gutter Bag Method

Another easy method is to convert your bucket into a gutter bag. Cut the bucket handle into two and remove the bottom of the bucket.

Make two hooks out of the handle and attach a garbage bag with the bottom hole of the bucket. Now hang the bucket and scoop down the debris into the bag. It is mostly used to avoid climbing the ladder frequently.

6. Turn to The Downspout Cleaning

Once you have chosen the method and done with the gutter cleaning, turn to the downspouts. Horizontal extension pipes can be easily removed to clean.

Downspouts can get clogged or blocked. Take a hose and use it to cleans the downspout. Place the hose into the opening where the gutter feeds the pipe.

7. Future Considerations

Install Gutter Guards

Install Gutter Guards

A very easy way to avoid frequent gutter cleaning is to install gutter guards or Gutter covers in Vinings GA. They protect the debris from entering the pipe while water freely flows through it.



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