Energy Efficient Balanced Flue Fireplaces for Luxury Homes

Fireplaces for Luxury Homes

Want to add an extra bit of luxury in your luxurious home? A luxurious fireplace is a must-have for a luxurious home. Moreover, a Balanced Flue Marble Fireplace can bring the luxury and comfort that you want! A balanced fuel type fireplace eliminates all maintenance hassles. Further, it is way more efficient than a conventional fireplace.

Balanced flue fireplaces offer great benefits as compared to the conventional fireplaces. These fireplaces come with a whole bunch of qualities. These aren’t just efficient than traditional fireplaces, these look way better than traditional fireplaces. These fireplaces can endure high heat output while keeping the room’s environment healthy and refreshing. Ultimately, these fireplaces provide a soothing and comforting ambiance that is perfect for today’s modern and contemporary living.

Why balanced fuel type fireplaces are the best?

Balanced flue type fireplaces from Bell fireplaces offer a number of beneficial advantages over traditional and conventional fireplaces. Here are a few reasons why these are the best for modern luxurious homes!

Looks luxurious:

The balanced fuel type fireplaces look very attractive. These are made by using modern manufacturing techniques. Moreover, these fireplaces carry modern designing styles. When you will compare the overall looks of a modern bell fireplace with a traditional one, you will definitely feel the luxury!


Indeed, you would like to make a long term investment while purchasing a balanced fuel fireplace. Bell fireplaces offer a great variety of balanced fuel type fireplaces which comes in flexible range. Do you have a short budget? Don’t worry at all! Check out the entire range online. You will definitely find the best fireplace within your budget.


Modern balanced fuel type fireplaces from Bellfires are as affordable as durable. Each piece from the available range has been manufactured by using the best quality material. So, if you are purchasing a Marble fireplace, then be rest assured that it will last for years after years. Also, the fireplaces from Bellfires are capable of handling high heat. So, these fireplaces will not get damaged due to extreme heat as well.

High performing:

Bellfires has used modern techniques to manufacture these balanced flue fireplaces. These are highly energy efficient. These fireplaces draw the exhaust out through a flue. Thus these keep the room’s ambiance fresh.  Also, these fireplaces come with a quiet convection system. These are the safest heating source that a modern home must have!

No need to have a chimney at home:

The attractive and stylish balanced flue gas fireplaces are modern day appliances. They utilize a closed combustion system that eliminates the need for a traditional chimney. Furthermore, most modern luxury homes don’t have any chimney exhaustion setup. Hence, these are the best for modern contemporary homes!

chimney at home

‍Choosing the right fireplace for your home:

Balanced flue gas fireplaces from Bellfires come in a variety of options to select from. How would you know which one is the perfect fit for your luxurious home? Follow these simple steps while choosing the right fireplace!

Choose the material: Bellfires offer a great variety of balanced flue fireplaces that are made of different materials. Most used materials are marble, wood, concrete, brick, and stone. Among all these materials, Marble fireplace offers a perfect luxurious appearance. So, you can choose marble as the fireplace material for your home!

Choose the color: Coming to the color of the fireplace, it’s an important aspect too. Don’t go for a dull and boring color. Instead, choose a color that perfectly contrasts your living room’s color. You can check for the available color verities.

Choose the fireplace hearth design: The fireplace hearth is an important aesthetic part that changes the entire looks of the fireplace. Hence, you must choose a fireplace hearth design that suits your home’s interiors.

Make it customized: You can add a personal touch in the fireplace by customizing it. You can customize the design as per your convenience. You can add up an extra layer of marble or you can add side layers of different color in order to make the fireplace look more luxurious.

fireplace look

Which is the best place to install the fireplace?

Balanced flue fireplaces can be assembled almost anywhere in your home. But, nobody installs it in the bathroom or bedroom, isn’t it? The remaining options are your dining room, living room, and kitchen. Most modern homeowners prefer installing the fireplace in the living room. Why? The living room is the place where you spend some quality time with your family while relaxing freely. Isn’t it? That’s why; the living room is the best place to install the fireplace.

Bell fireplaces come with both inlet flue and outlet flue. So, no heat is lost and maximum heat is generated. These also eliminate any external noise and draughts of wind. Therefore, these are high performing. So, get the best luxurious fireplace for your luxurious home today!



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