Difference between Rugs and Carpets


A simple-looking flooring can start to look boring. If you are thinking of bringing a change to your house in the most subtle yet unique way, rugs & carpets are the answer. Redoing the tiles of your house can become a drastic change that will also seem like a financial burden to you. If you want to upgrade your home within your budget, rugs & carpets should be considered.

Rugs and carpets not only look aesthetically pleasing but they also protect your feet and the flooring of the house. With umpteen colours, patterns, prints and textures available, carpets and rugs make for a great home decor choice.

While rugs & carpets both serve the same purpose of ‘floor covering’, they both are different in their own ways. If you are confused between the two, it’s time you learn their differences before investing in one.

  1. Size: The major difference between rugs & carpets lies in their size. Rugs are much smaller than the carpets and can ideally cover a 40 square feet area, while carpets on the other hand are typically large and can cover the entire flooring. If you are looking to cover your entire flooring, carpets make for a great choice. But if you are simply looking for an aesthetically appealing flooring cover, such as something to put under your coffee table, a rug works the best. To make your living room stand out, especially if you have plush furniture, a carpet is a great choice to stick to.
  2. Uses: Carpets are usually called the second flooring because they cover the entire space. If you think your flooring has lost its shine and redoing the whole thing will cost you a bomb, laying a carpet over it will not only save you great bucks but also revamp your home in a drastic way. Rugs can cover a section of the flooring so you can use them to place under a coffee table or in front of your bed for a contemporary appeal. You can even use rugs as wall hangings.
  3. Specifications: Rugs come in a variety of shapes, patterns and textures. Tufted or furry rugs can be placed under your dining table, sofa or coffee table and handmade knitted rugs make a great wall hanging. Since carpets are a permanent fixing, they are thicker and heavier than their counterparts, which makes it easy for them to be kept in place.
  4. Cleaning: When it comes to maintenance, rugs are obviously much easier to clean given their size as compared to the carpets. If you live in an urban landscape where the air is heavily polluted, you can consider choosing thin area rugs, which will be easy to clean because washing a large, heavy carpet won’t be easy to clean often. If you reside in a rural setting, a plush carpet will give your home a royal touch.

If you want to amp up your space, consider buying either rugs or carpets, depending upon these above mentioned factors. Once you learn the difference between the two, making a choice will become easier.



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