Creative Cake Decorating Ideas for Every Occasion

Cake Decorating Ideas

Buying a designer cake from the stores is an expensive affair. Cake is a very first thing comes in mind when we are planning a party. It’s a birthday, graduation, baby shower or any type of tiny event; cake cutting is a compulsory trend. Designer or personalized buy Cake online to enjoy the precious moment of near one’s life. Instead take this article as an inspiration to make creative cakes at home. We will suggest you some toppings to make the eye-catching decoration on cake.

1. Sprinkle Cake

Sprinkle Cake Edible sprinkles are easily affordable in the market at the lowest range. Bake the simple cake at home and allow some white buttercream frosting on the top and the sides of cake. Now take a spoonful of edible sprinkles in hand and press it to the sides of cake. Cover the entire bottom of cake with pressed edibles. Now shower the edible sprinkles on the top layer. No worries it will directly stick on the cake without pressing it. Take the parchment paper to clean up the sides of the sprinkled cake. Refrigerate the cake to set it for some time.

2. Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

Coloring fruits slides are the great source of decoration. You can take seasonal fruits for the cake makeover. First of all cover the plain cake with frosting. Now cut the fruit slices as per your choice. You can cut triangle shape of pineapple, cut heart shaped slices of strawberry, use cookie cutter to cut the heart shape from watermelon slice. Innovation depends upon your art and craft skills. Or else have some plain slices of fruit and start decorating the top layer. Not entire cake, just layer the biggest fruits first and cover with small sizes fruit slices. You can also dust a sugar or spread strawberry syrup, pineapple syrup, maple syrup for a dazzling effects.

3. Chocolate candy cake

Chocolate candy cake

Making chocolate candy cake is a super exciting affair. This cake is solely made for the chocoholics. You need chocolates, chocolate cookies, Choco chips, Oreo cookies, chocolate waffles, chocolate sticks and the chocolate syrup. An alluring chocolate cake is fully covered with chocolatebuttercream icing. Now here comes the essential part. Break Oreo cookies and sprinkle it to this layered cake. Now use chocolate candies and all chocolate treats to adorn on the cake, Use chocolate waffles to stand in a triangle shape. Candy sticks, chocolate syrup and chocolate shredding are the important part for making a chocolate candy cake a designer masterpiece.

4-Ruffle Cake

Ruffle Cake

If you are impressed with ruffle cakes, you can put the ruffles designs on simple cake. Need a simple cake smoothened and covered with lots of butter crème. Now use the large straight petal piping pin to create a ruffle designs on cake. Make the cone of the piping bag and use it to pipe the ruffles on the sides of cake. If you wish you can cover the entire cake like this. And then garnish the top layer it with the edible decorations.

5-Drip Cake

Drip Cake

It looks simple but demands lots of your skills and art for dripping the perfect lines on the bottom of cake. You need a frozen or iced cake for dripping your lines perfectly. Melt some dark chocolates and butter and let it come into the room temperature. Now slowly use a spoonful liquid to cover the upper part. Slowly ganache will drip from the top to bottom and make certain lines.

6- Macron cake

Macron cake

Delight the hearts of macron lovers by flooding the cake with macrons. You need loads of macrons to cover the sides of cake and top of cake. Frozen or home baked cake is needed to set up this decoration. Flatten the macrons on the bottom of the cake with hands. Now make a building or any architecture to decorate the top surface. It’s a simple trick to decorate the cake in style.

7- Strikes cake

Strikes cake

It’s a chocolate cake but you can use light colored frosting to cover the dark side of chocolates. Here you need a pink color frosting for creating random patterns for delighting the cake. Make designs on top of the cake and bottom of the cake using pink color pipe frosting.

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The DIY tricks of making designer cakes are a best alternate of spending huge amount on store bought cake. The cakes are the integral part of celebration and it must look creative. Your genius work of art will help you in making this possible. We give some designs, if change is needed you can do so. Our attempt is to give you cost-friendly designs to save your bucks. Hope you will attempt and use it to celebrate the upcoming event.



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