Chill Out and Relax: 5 Perfect Spots for a Quick Vacay in Dublin

Travelling somewhere far from home is one of the finest solutions to take a break from your daily routine.

But, sad to say, with the vast choices of places to visit around the globe, planning for a quick and short vacay can be a little difficult and stressful.

Well, not when you choose to take a short trip in the small yet striking city of Dublin which you’ll find in the ever-charming country of Ireland.

Aside from Dublin’s harmonious and vibrant streets, there are other hidden or remote places where you’ll find utmost comfort and relaxation.

Once you’ll give Dublin a chance to showcase its picturesque beauty right in front of your eyes, you’ll realise that it’s never a mistake to set your feet on its grounds.

So, if you can’t wait to give yourself some chills and thrills down to your spine, don’t close your eyes and never think of leaving the pages.

Read further and figure out the wonders of Dublin by yourself.

1. Indulge yourself through reading while in Iveagh Gardens

Reading and immersing in the wonderful adventures and fantasies of a book is one of the best things you can do to pamper both of your mind and body.

Well, make your reading experience in Dublin a little extra by indulging yourself through reading while you’re in Iveagh Gardens.

This public park might be considered as one of the least-known parks in Dublin city yet it offers a great level of comfort and peace to anyone who takes time to visit.

Also, this place is almost entirely circled by buildings making the park less noticeable and much harder to find compared to other greeneries in Dublin – and that makes it be counted as one of the city’s hidden gems.

So, take time visiting this precious hidden park, stroll around and get your mind relaxed as you make a special connection with the green place.

You can also do some picnic in here while you’re reading and savouring such delicious and homemade sandwiches.

2. Contemplate about life in Merrion Square Park

Since the city of Dublin is known for its Georgian squares, the next perfect spot on the list is, of course, one of the city’s best, the Merrion Square Park.

Merrion Square Park is situated on the south of Dublin city centre.

This is absolutely a place where you can peacefully contemplate about life as you go deep down your thoughts while roaming around the park.

It’s also advised for you to do your visit on Sundays where you can witness such eye-popping masterpieces of the locals which are unexceptionally hanging off the garden’s gates.

3. Dive into the wonderful breeze of nature in National Botanic Gardens       

There’s no better way of giving off the bad vibes than interacting with the natural wonders of different places on earth.

Well, if you wouldn’t ask, Dublin is home to Ireland’s National Botanic Garden. This green place is situated in Glasnevin, Dublin.

So, what makes this place more worth-visiting? Hmm, it’s actually free-of-charge!

Prepare yourself to see 20,000 living plants and several million dried plant specimens. You can also find some architecturally renowned greenhouses as you make time to visit the place.

With that volume of greeneries to see, who wouldn’t get a chance to relax and feel stress-free?

4. Get yourself a perfect spot for people-watching in St. Stephen’s Green Park

Another green place on the list is one of the most suggested localities to visit in Dublin, the St. Stephen’s Green Park.

The green place is adjacent to Grafton Street, one of the city’s major shopping streets to consider.

If you can make it on the place before lunchtime, you can definitely get yourself a perfect spot on one of the benches out there.

You can savour a cup of coffee or chow down a snack of your choice while you’re doing people-watching. Even just the thought of it is definitely relaxing.

5. Sit down and sip a cup of coffee in The Woolen Mills

Well, the last but definitely not the least in the people’s hearts is the Woolen Mills.

This is a place for people who only wants to sit down, have a chit-chat with their friends, devouring their coffee and experience extreme people-watching.

This cafe in Dublin can be found at the foot of the Ha’Penny Bridge which is known for being Dublin’s most prominent bridges connecting the Northside to the Southside, across the River Liffey.

You can definitely have a great time here while cherishing people-watching and enjoying your beverage or food of your choice at the same time!

Additional tips:

  • When travelling to Dublin, make sure to check on the best accommodation deals. You can make an early reservation in a hotel in Ballsbridge or select an affordable accommodation in the Dublin city centre.
  • Use travel apps especially when you’re travelling alone or if it’s your first time in the place. With the use of those apps, you can find the perfect accommodation and dining choices, as well as the list of best spots to visit in the city.
  • To experience utmost relaxation, you’re advised to lessen the use of social media during your Dublin trip. Take all your time to learn about the city’s hidden treasures, its culture, befriend the Dubliners, collect experiences, and capture more and more photos.

So, what are you waiting for? Would you make these wonderful and marvellous place in Dublin wait for you?

Don’t hesitate to give yourself a quick and short time to unwind. And best do it in the fascinating city of Dublin!

If you got Dublin travel stories and tips, knock on our doors and share your thoughts with our teams, Yaaaay!


Kath Ramirez

Kath Ramirez is daytime and a committed writer in PREMIER SUITES Ballsbridge. She’s been pouring her dedication and love for writing ever since she was in fourth grade. Kath is also a die-hard fan of travelling, photography, dancing, and head over heels for her furbabies.



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