Birthstone Gifts

What You Should Know about Birthstone Gifts and Presents

The Definition of Birthstones Birthstones are lined to their sphere, which is unique. As stars and planets work in collaboration with some of the heavens’ energetic aspects to give us a comfortable life, and besides guide us all through our lifetime, gemstones already exist in galaxies and earth with their inborn active infusion. The Origin […]

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IGCSE vs CBSE – Which is Best for Your Child?

Your today’s decision can change the future of your child. Selecting the syllabus for education is one such thing that has a widespread impact on the child’s overall development. Nourishing the student with the right knowledge at every step of life is essential to prepare them to recognize their inner talent and finding their objective. […]

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How to Maintain Your Health

Lessons from Coronavirus: How to Maintain Your Health

The coronavirus pandemic has seen many countries resorting to lockdowns and quarantines to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, despite the quarantine periods in the Philippines, the number of individuals in the country contracting it has increased. The current health crisis has seen a growing number of people getting anxious about the effects […]

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