3 Key Ways to Enjoy Living on Your Own

Living room

Perhaps you have recently moved out from the family home and have bought your own flat? Alternatively, maybe you have just gone through a traumatic break-up with your partner and find yourself living alone for the first time in many years?

Regardless of why you are living on your own and whether it is your choice, or not, continue reading to learn of the three key ways to enjoy living on your own and just how exciting that can be.

1. Adopt a Deserving Animal

Even if you have chosen to live on your own, dogs, cats and bunnies who have been abandoned and/or mistreated would love nothing more than to be rescued from the animal shelter and brought to live with you in their forever home.

Adopting a pet can be very beneficial to your mood when living alone. You may or may not already be aware of the concept of animal therapy, which is essentially where a variety of different species of animals interact with people living with emotional or physical issues causing low mood.

There is a plethora of advantages to adopting an animal from the local rescue centre:

  • Never feeling alone and always having a loving companion by your side
  • A way to help you meet new friends and join communities with other owners
  • A reason to get out of bed in the morning
  • A way to increase physical activity chasing after your new pet

2. Embrace Your Personal Sense of Style

Living with other people, be that your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friends, is somewhat restrictive whendecorating with your own colour palette in mind and choosing everything from the carpet upwards – you will always have to make compromises with other people’s tastes.

Now, however, you can be as eclectic as you want to be, or indeed as clean, tidy and minimalist as you desire. This freedom to express your personality and personal style can only ever be a good thing. You could even consider treating yourself to one of the myriad of different colours of luxurious togo sofas, or invest in that wall art you keep seeing in the window of a shop on the way to work.

3. Fight Anhedonia

The third most effective and evenproven-to-be life-changing for some people who live alone when wanting to enjoy their freedom and independence is to make a conscientious effort to fight anhedonia.

Anhedonia is essentially a condition often, but not always, connected and associated with depression and low mood, but is basically epitomized as a withdrawal from social contact and socialising in general.

It may well be that, fortunately, your emotional health is strong and in good condition, but living alone can sometimes cause the onset of a low mood and make an individual withdraw themselves from the support system around them.

Reach out to your close friends and family members and strive to make your personal space a place where people can come over and enjoy anything from a romantic movie to a night of drinking games.



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