A Simple Checklist to Help You Prepare for Childbirth

Prepare for Childbirth

According to Forbes, the time to give birth to your daughter or son is often filled with happiness and celebration. However, this period is also a restless one, with many things to do in preparation for your child’s birth. Therefore, you can easily forget to pack important items you’ll require at the hospital. We have compiled a simple checklist to assist you in preparing for childbirth in advance.

About one or two months before your child’s due date, ensure you have the following items readily packed:

Personal Items

1. Sanitary Pads

Usually, your healthcare facility will provide you with sanitary pads to help you control post-delivery bleeding. However, if there’s a particular brand of sanitary pads you prefer, feel free to pack some of your own. It’s advisable to pack heavy-flow pads and have some ready at home for use when you’re discharged from the hospital.

2. Toiletries

Ensure your hospital bag contains a brush and comb, hair ties, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup (if liking using it), and lip balm. Usually, you’re provided with lotion, soap, and shampoo at the healthcare facility, but you can bring your favorite. Additionally, a hanging toiletry bag can come in handy since the bathroom’s counter space is often little.

Essential Items and Documentations

3. Identity Card, Insurance Card, and Medical Records

It’s prudent for you to check with your healthcare facility in advance concerning any required paperwork during labor and delivery. Common items that you must carry include an ID card, insurance card, and previous medical records.

4. Mobile Phone and Charger

Remember to pack your cell phone and its charger as you may need them before, during, and after labor.


5. Comfortable Outfits

If you’re one of the mothers who like to occasionally change out of your nursing gowns, be sure to pack one or two comfortable outfits. You can opt for maternity yoga pants and tops because your tummy will still appear pregnant. If you underwent a C-section procedure, be sure to opt for free outfits that won’t affect your incision wound.

6. Comfortable Nursing Bras

Once you give birth, your breasts may become soft and enlarge as soon as milk production begins. Usually, this takes place within the first few days following your child’s birth. A perfect nursing bra caters to such changes and offers comfort. Additionally, ensure you pack nursing pads to assist in absorbing milk leaks since your newborn baby won’t suckle much in the early days.

7. A Nightgown, A Pair of Slippers, A Bathrobe, and Socks

Most healthcare facilities provide nightgowns and socks for you to wear, but you can still pack yours if you like. Ensure you select a free, comfy gown that is sleeveless to allow your healthcare provider to check your pressure easily.

Additionally, a lightweight robe can be useful if you plan to take short walks along the halls during the labor or recovery period. Remember that any outfit you put on can easily get stained with blood. Therefore, choose a color that won’t reveal much blood.

Finally, go for a nightgown that is detachable in front to enable you to have skin-to-skin contact with your newly born child and allow for easy breastfeeding.

8. Postpartum Under Cloths

Some mothers like to use the mesh underclothing given by the healthcare facility, but if you don’t, you won’t go wrong carrying your postpartum cotton underwear.

Supplies for Post Labor

9. A Nursing Pillow

You might want to buy a uniquely designed pillow to give you better support that won’t strain your back after labor.

10. Snacks

Following your labor ordeal, you’re no doubt going to be pretty hungry. Therefore, you may want to pack snacks, especially if you don’t like hospital food. Pack some nuts, crackers, granola bars, fresh or dried fruits, or anything else you like.

If you undergo a c-section, your healthcare provider may recommend that you wait for at least eight hours before taking any food or drink.


Getting ready to receive your unborn child can be both a joyful and overwhelming endeavor. However, you can make the whole experience fun and enjoyable by taking time to prepare. The above checklist can be a starting point to help you prepare for your child’s birth.



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