7 Ways to Add Your Personal Style Into Your Stationary


Your professional identity and image are directly related to the stationery you use at your place of business. The need to retain control over the use of your stationery is vital not only to keep costs down and demonstrate environmental stewardship but also to reduce the risk of misunderstandings generated by the unauthorized use of your company’s name and logo. 

Seven techniques for incorporating your style into your stationery are outlined below

1. Markers and Highlighters

If you’re reading a book or a newspaper and come across an essential topic, you’ll need to use highlighters to draw attention to the relevant lines and phrases. It is possible to use these quotes in combination with any important lectures or articles for your notice board. Additionally, you may use these marks to draw attention to significant passages in your notes or textbooks or important quotes.

2. Take A Look at Some More Products For Youngsters

Have you ever taken a look at the gadgets that your kids are using? Please create your list based on their suggestions and inspiration. If you appreciate what they have, consider how it may be enhanced to distinguish it from theirs.

Consider the following scenario: you appreciate the protective cover someone got for their tablet or another electronic device. It’s a plaid with broad stripes and earthy tones, perfect for fall. It would help if you didn’t duplicate them by acquiring the identical item, so think about what you like the most about them. Is it because of the palette? What is the recurring pattern? If the stripes were significantly thinner, would you be okay with the same color scheme as it is now? Alternatively, would you want the same design in selecting other colors?

3. Homework Supplies Are Available

If you keep a separate stash of stationery for homework purposes, you might save yourself a lot of heartache after school. Our homework box already contains the necessary items. Still, while shopping for stationery, I came across a few entertaining products that students and kids hoping will make homework time a little less stressful, such as a small chalkboard, a pack of double-ended pencils, and some scented mini pens and sharpeners, all of which I’m hoping will make homework time a little less stressful.

4. Create A Gatekeeper Position

Perhaps being proactive and encouraging appropriate letterhead and other materials used can assist in keeping their use under control. If, on the other hand, your data indicates that employees may be misusing these resources, you may need to appoint a gatekeeper to supervise their distribution and use. If your company has an office manager, they may be the best individual to perform supply management duties.

5. Palette of Colors

Color should be used in your business stationery to make it more noticeable. It’s a good idea to match the colors of your logo to the colors of your stationery when it comes to branding concerns. Choose complementary colors for your stationery since they look best when used in conjunction with one another. If the colors in your logo are bright, you should use bold colors for your stationery and personalized stationery sets as well.

6. Notebooks and Writing Sets Are Available For Purchase

Notepads are small and portable, easy to carry along and they may be used to quickly jot down phone numbers, names, and other important information on the go. Have a small notepad next to your phone to scribble down any information you get over the phone, and writing pads will keep you prepared to take notes while on the phone.

7. Considerations

It is possible to replenish some ink cartridges rather than purchasing new cartridges if the ink levels in the cartridges get exhausted. It may often result in significant expense reductions for your organization. When replacing the ink, be sure that you purchase refill kits that are compatible with your particular printer model; for more information, see the documentation provided by your printer maker.


The things on the list, as mentioned above, are essential components of any workplace. Additional office stationery is offered, including stamps, glues, tape, pens, paper clips, and other office supplies and equipment. It is possible to obtain these items depending on the needs and type of the company and services it renders.



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