7 Small Garden Ideas and Tips

Garden Ideas

If you want to make a garden in your home but you have a small space, here is what you can do. You can still use that small space to the fullest and create your own Zen garden in the comfort of your home. These 7 tips will pretty much provide you with all you need to know about small gardens.

1. Planning

Survey Your Space

Before you start making your garden, you need to study and observe your space. You need to know exactly what you intend to do with it. Try to imagine what your garden will look like in the space you have. Do you want to create a sanctuary where you, your friends, and family can relax? Do you want to keep it simple or do you want to experiment with your garden more despite your special limitations? Be sure to know what your possibilities and limits are before you start your mini project.

Do Research on Small Garden Ideas

Then, you need to do your research. This is a very important step of this whole process. You need to make sure you look up small garden ideas and know how to implement those ideas in your space. This is the part of the process in which you make certain decisions. Do you want to have a patch of green? Do you want to create a cottage-like garden in your home? Do you want to make it look more urban? Looking for inspiration online will help you determine what kind of space you want to create.

Small Garden Layout and Planning

Another useful tip that you should follow is to have your ideas and plans laid out in front of you in form of a writing or drawing. This will help you visualise your ideas and picture how your garden will look. You don’t have to be an artist to do something like this. Just let your imagination run wild. You can also use your computer or laptop to make these plans. Simply copy and paste the pictures on your layout plans or try using computer software that enables you to create a visual sketch of your ideas.

2. Decide what plants you want to grow

Edible Landscaping

If you plan on to grow vegetables in your garden, you don’t strictly need to place them in the background. They can be placed in your front yard garden too. If you have a carefully crafted plan and layout, you can plant your edible plants anywhere and still make the space look aesthetic.

Big and Bold Plants

It’s usually not a good idea to place huge plants in small gardens. However, there is still a way for you to do so. If you really want to and are determined to find a way, you can even grow climbing plants in your small garden. There’s always a way. You can also grow vines over archways in your garden. They have a way of creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Prim and Proper Plants

You can also try growing some prim and proper plants such as cactus and succulents to create a rock garden. This type of garden is ideal for small spaces.

Elegant and Slim Plants

Tall and petite plants in equally tall and slim containers along the wall create emphasis on the vertical space of a garden instead of on the limited area. Take it from tall bamboo planted along walls creating the same effect.

3. Focus your attention

Most people try to fill in the space they have as much as possible. However, this might not be the best idea. What you want to do instead is to focus your attention to one spot and make it the focal point of your garden. Then, all you need to do is come up with a design that will point in the direction of that spot. The empty space you are left with can be filled in with hardscaping.

4. Don’t ignore space

We also prefer to overlook those spaces in a garden, and that’s a waste when you have a small yard to start with. Using overlooked places to create green space, such as a side yard. Keep it simple, so that it won’t become overgrown. Select, then repeat, 3-5 plants that will grow well in space.

5. Create an outdoor room

To make it an extension of your indoor living room, remember when your space is small. To build entertainment areas, use hardscaping, and open those doors wide and let the spaces work together. Use outdoor furniture, plant grass for “carpet,” add “accents” to the planter and remember to only enjoy the room you have to the fullest, regardless of its size!

6. Take good care of your plants

Making your own garden at home doesn’t just stop at coming up with a design. Once you start growing your plants you need to be consistent in taking care of them. This requires time and right equipment. Make sure you research white type of care your plants need in order to help them thrive in the environment that suits their needs. Invest in high-quality garden hose and other garden equipment that you need to take care of your plants before you plant them. This will ensure that you have everything you need to maintain your garden properly.

7. Use ornaments

One of the tricks of the trade is to use garden ornaments to add a little pizzazz and keep a simple room from looking dull when our garden design has to be restricted due to space. It also helps to slow down the eye so that it doesn’t take too far in the small garden. Try putting them in the flow of the garden at natural stopping points.


All things considered, making a garden in a small space can be very challenging, but it’s not impossible. Once you decide on a design that suits your space and what plants you want to grow, you simply need to follow these tips and your plants will thrive in your home.



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