7 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Washing Machine

Washing Machine

A washing machine is one of the most important devices of the modern world which keeps people clean and healthy. However, just like any house appliance, it also needs proper care in order to function at its best. So, pay attention to the following mistakes you might be making and try to avoid them when using your washing machine.

1.     Overloading the Washer

Your washing machine is manufactured to wash specific amount of laundry and you should adhere to that at all times. The minor consequence of overloading the washer will be inappropriately washed clothes and you will have to give it another go. But more serious issues like damage to the tub will require a repairman and the repairs can be costly.

Therefore, pay attention to the specifics for each setting and type of laundry in order to avoid damage to the washer.

2.     Not Keeping It on Levelled

It’s easy to forget that a washing machine needs to be levelled during installation. Some new models have a level indicator, but in most cases, you will need to make sure that it’s done appropriately. If your machine is on an uneven surface or unleveled, you will experience functioning issues and heavy vibrations.

This can lead to motor damage or permanent imbalance, both which will need professional repair and in some cases buying a new washer.

3.     Not Respecting the Tags

Your washing machine can’t read the tags on your clothes, so you need to do it yourself. These tags include instructions on washing and treating the material in order to avoid damage. Some clothes may shrink and other will tear easily if not wash on appropriate setting.

Also, avoid washing differently coloured laundry together since that will have colourful effects and in a bad way. There are dye absorbers available on the market today, but you will still need to separate white from coloured pieces of clothing.

4.     Not Reading the Instruction Manual

Not only do you need to read the instruction manual, but also you should keep it close at all times. The instruction manual will help you understand what settings to use and how to do it properly. Wrong settings will damage both the washer and your clothes in the end.

If you don’t understand the manual or any other instruction in there, call or write the manufacturer for clarification. Also, listen to the instruction from the installation worker provided by the seller since they know what is the best use of the machine from practical experience.

5.     Avoiding Regular Washing Machine Maintenance

Regular washing machine maintenance is something the majority of users neglect to do since the device is working properly. However, having a professional to examine the machine and see if there is an early onset of problems which didn’t manifest yet. The best case scenario, this will cause only minor problems easily resolved with new Samsung or LG washing machine parts.

The worst case scenario, you might need to buy a new washer which is always an expensive ordeal. So, hire a professional washing machine service once in one or two years, depending on the frequency of use.

6.     Too Much Detergent

It seems like a common logic to use more detergent if the laundry is really dirty, but that is a wrong assumption. Using more detergent than recommended will cause the soap residues in the washing machine which can, in turn, leave your laundry insufficiently rinsed. Over time, these deposits will harbour bacteria and mildew, and thus cause the bad smell and even health conditions.

7.     Not Cleaning the Washer

Cleaning the washing machine is imperative to remove the detergent residues, dirt, and limescale which can seriously damage the heater. In order to do so, use white vinegar and baking soda which you can buy in any store. Pour baking soda into the tub, then add white vinegar and set your machine to the highest temperature for whites.

Repeat this once in three months, but don’t forget to wash the dispenser regularly under lukewarm water to remove detergent and softener deposits. Also, use a damp cloth to clean the door and sealant to eliminate the possibility of leakage.


If you avoid these mistakes when using the washing machine you will save money and keep your appliance running. Read carefully the instruction manual and perform regular maintenance and both your washer and laundry will be in perfect shape for a long time.



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