7 Best Ideas to Spend a Perfect Valentine’s Day in Paris

7 Best Ideas to Spend a Perfect Valentine’s Day in Paris

Paris is acknowledged as the city of light and also knows for the city of romance. If you and your partner lacking of idea where to spend valentine day, Paris is the perfect choice. Paris has certain romantic places you must visit to make your valentine day a memorable day of the year. Here we guide you some of the very famous romantic spots of Paris to visit on the auspicious week of valentine.

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1) Wall of Love  

Wall of Love  

the wall of love is declared as a love spot visited by many tourists and romantic couples. the specialty of this wall is you will find “I love you” phrase over thousand times in different 300 languages. It is written by two artists Frederic Baron and Claire keto. This exactly locates at the center of the Abbesses garden at Montmartre. This art is eventually scripted to express the power of love. This monument is actually stands for the eternal adoration and to give respect to love sentiment. It’s a good spot to visit and enjoy selfie time together for lasting memory.

2) Float along the Seine

 Float along the Seine

Floating along the Seine is the heavenly experience of enjoying the city’s beauty. It’s a sunny climate or cloudy weather; you can look the beautiful city by hiring a cruise down the Seine. There are so many cruise offers a love ride with romantic dinning, a wine bottle and glasses to toast the romance.

3) Lock your Love in

 Lock your Love in

A love lock or love padlock is often seen in the fence, gates and bridges. The love lock is locked on the fence or on the gate or bridge and the key is then thrown in river. Couples had a great belief that it helps in locking and lasting the relationship forever. But now this type of act is restricted because of destruction of river and bridge. Some of the old locks are still here to see the unbreakable love. It is an iconic romantic spot you can visit to lock your love.

4) Discover Paris in Helicopter

 Discover Paris in Helicopter

Hire a helicopter to fly over the Paris town. You will sight an amazing view of the light city of Paris in night. You can fly above the Eiffel tower and view the scenic locations of city from height. Fly over the mountains and city and let the city be the spectator of your love. The breathtaking view of Eiffel tower is amazing and thrilling experience. Scream your partner’s name and declare that you are in love with.

5) Your Hearts go on the Eiffel Tower

 Your Hearts go on the Eiffel Tower

It’s a pleasant experience to climb the Eiffel tower and reach at the certain height. You have the best place to scream “I love you”. Have some heart cut outs and let them float down. It’s fun spending the romantic time in the historical place. Scream your partner’s name and declare that you are in love with.

6) Drink a cocktail at the Kube frosted bar in Paris

 Drink a cocktail at the Kube frosted bar in Paris

The ice cube bar is an attraction open for tourists to visit. The ice cube bar is completely made up of ice like you visit mini Parisian North Pole. Vodka is the most popular drink served in the different forms. Forget not to cover yourself with winter coat and gloves. It is one-of-a-kind freezing bar located on the mezzanine of the Kube’s hotel restaurant. Advance booking is necessary, so mention this when you are booking hotels.

7) See Show Together

 See Show Together

For those who love arts scene, Paris is an ideal situation to spend the most romantic night of music or theatre. Both can enjoy seeing opera and learning French art. No worries if you are not friendly with French language. The love shows require attention to know the meaning of love.

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Paris is the right city to visit in valentine week. You have to book hotels in advance. You can lock your love, enjoy watching romantic opera and do so many romantic things in Paris city. We have shown some exclusive romantic spots, if you have enough time you can discover more. So be it to enjoy the valentine time together.



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