10 Houseplant Home Decor Ideas You Should Try In Summer


Why should you go for houseplants? The answer is simple. That’s because they look attractive. However, not many people are aware of the fact that the benefits of plants actually go far beyond aesthetics. Plans inside of an apartment or a building are better in more than one subtle ways. You can always use them as a sort of interior landscaping which ensures a pleasant and tranquil experience for the visitors.

If you are going for home remodeling in San Francisco CA, you may want to consider hiring a few amazing plants for your interior building décor. Here are a few ideas on that.

1- Pink Edge Paperomia

For color conscious people with pink as their favorite color, this the best plant to have. If you are in love with pink color, then here’s this plant for you. The best part about it is that a pink edge Paperomiaplant is fairly easy to care. No extra or hard efforts are needed to maintain it.

2- String Of Pearls

Like greenery outside? No problem. The good news is that you can bring that to your home too. This plant is extraordinary in the sense that it will add even more lush greenery to the room as it grows. If you need one, do get it one of your building.

3- Donkey’s Tail Plant

There are plants that take quite an effort to grow and nurture. On the other hand, there are plants that offer easy growth and require little efforts. Donkey’s tail plant is one of the easy to grow plants and is an absolute stunner! All it needs is plenty of sunlight and you’re good.

4- Air Plants

These beauties come in more than 600 varieties! Incredible as it is, you can grow them anywhere you like. One of the best features of these plants is that they require no soil. Yes, you read that right. So, get them for your interior now!

5- Blue Pearl Sedums

It’s also known as the blue beauty and is a stunner. Wait, its beauty doesn’t end here. As summers progress, you’ll see that it produces amazing pink flowers whose sight is no less than a blessing. Do get them for your home or building interiors.

6- Spanish Lavender

This flower is both sweet-scented and colorful. Quite possibly, this plant is something that your home needs. It is also available in pink varieties in case you like it. It’s highly recommended for new room additions in a home.

7- Calamondin Orange

This is a small yet mighty plant. It produces fragrant fruits that may be harvested and used to make more jams and other treats.

8- Album Spirals Frizzle Sizzle

It’s known as a quirky and conversation-starter plant. All it requires is plenty of sunlight and water. That’s it. Including this, you will increase the overall impact of your building.

9- Flowering Maple

This is easy to maintain and is evergreen, meaning it remains in bloom throughout the year.

10- Paddle Plant

Every affordable home remodeling service will recommend this plant. Many experts believe that this hitherto unknown plant has everything that makes it worthy to be in American living rooms. That because it remains in bloom always and is easy to maintain.

These were the 10 most basic plants to help you with your home décor plan. Be sure to get them if you are doing home renovation anytime soon.



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