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Why Exercise Won’t Make You Lose Weight


Everybody agrees to the fact that exercising is the best method to lose weight. But sometimes, even after persistent efforts, it may not bear any fruit. Ever wondered why? Going through this article may help you make some sense about the ineffectiveness of your exercising regime.

Before we go ahead, it is important to understand that out of all the food we consume, energy received from it depends on 3 major factors – basal metabolic rate, physical activity, and diet-induced thermogenesis. Consequently, these 3 factors determine the result of your efforts when you are exercising regularly.

Let’s know about them briefly.

Basal Metabolic Rate 

It basically refers to the number of calories which your body functions with, when at rest. You can substitute the idea of BMR with metabolism, stronger metabolism or metabolic weight means a higher BMR. you can go for some supplements for weight loss in order to increase your metabolism and hence basal metabolic rate. Once you are aware of your BMR, you can see how many calories are needed by your body to function, or even to lose weight.

Diet-Induced thermogenesis 

Thermogenesis refers to the production of heat in organisms. Some portion of the consumed calories is converted into heat rather than processed and stored as fat.

Physical Activity 

Any activity that simply involves movements of the body and needs energy for the same. Be it walking, climbing the stairs, jogging, etc.

Going ahead to know why these reasons may come in your way while losing weight.

BMR and Weight-Loss 

Knowing your BMR should enable you to learn how many calories you need on a daily basis. If you are aware of your BMR and still continue to exceed the number, then you’re clearly not losing any weight but gaining some. If you take the exact amount, you should be able to maintain a healthy weight. However, if you wish to lose weight, you will need to reduce your calorie consumption below your BMR requirement.

Also, as you lose weight, your BMR also reduces. This means that you have to lower your consumption even more as your weight starts reducing.

One thing to note is that reduced BMR maybe because of the lost muscles. So regular strength training is required to cope up.

If you cannot lose weight, the reason relating to your BMR is that you are consuming more or equal. It may be because the reduced consumption is compensated by the muscle gain because of strength training.

Diet-induced Thermogenesis and Weight Loss 

Most of the studies include this process as the increased energy expenditure above basal metabolic rate. Energy being utilized implies that a lesser portion of the calories is being stored in the body. So more energy expenditure is eventually necessary for losing weight. Hence, thermogenesis if being performed at a good rate by your body helps in weight loss.

However, the process depends on the composition of your diet. A fat-rich diet induces low thermogenesis. This decreases the energy expenditure and a larger proportion of the consumed calories are available to be stored. Hence, losing weight becomes a much slower process. You may not even lose any weight in such a scenario.

To reduce the fat content in your diet, you can go for shakes for weight loss that burns fat like Dybesweet Rose Sabja Milkshake. These shakes burn primarily fat in your body and help your body to perform thermogenesis properly even with a heavy diet. 

Energy expenditure on Physical Activity 

Undertaking any sort of physical activity requires energy. This energy is also derived from burnt calories. The more you are active physically, more energy is required to do the same. Therefore, it increases the proportion of calories burnt by the body to release energy, to provide for the same.

If you are not persistently active and you do not exercise regularly, your energy requirements are comparatively low. A larger proportion of the calories consumed becomes available to be stored for deferred usage as the present requirement is already met.

Also, activity separated by periods of inactiveness drains your efforts as whatever you lose, is easily regained if you stop continuing.

Lack of energy expenditure on physical activity is another reason why you cannot lose weight. 

Moreover, the total effect of physical activity (TEPA) should range about 15-30% of your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). If your physical activity is any less than this average, then that physical activity or exercise is ineffective in helping you lose weight.

Other reasons behind weight loss failure 

One important step for losing weight is to create a good caloric deficit for the body. Exercise won’t help you lose weight because it fails to create a significant caloric deficit. 

A Mathematician and Obesity Researcher – Kevin Hall observed workout routines and frequency of a few people and created a model to show that even exercise may not help you lose weight. He concluded that a medium-intensity workout 4-5 days a week enables a man to lose some weight. However, as soon as he consumes a bit extra than his regular consumption, this reduction approaches to nill.

To conclude, it takes an incredible amount of time and effort to be able to reduce weight with the help of exercise alone.

Another reason why exercise undermines weight loss is that people tend to increase their food intake as they workout. 

The primary cause is that they have either burned too many calories that their body demands more or they felt hungrier.

This may also happen when people overestimate their number of calories they must have burnt in the workout session and ended up consuming more to compensate. An hour of workout can easily be erased by minutes of eating afterward. It is thus, not wrong to say that if you’re practicing the same, even regular exercise will not help in your weight loss.


These reasons should be enough to make understand that even though exercising is excellent for health, it may not be very effective in losing weight. As long as you push along exercising alone, you will not be able to see any special effects on your weighing scale. Therefore, it is better if you lower down your expectations solely from exercising and shift to re-define your weight loss. Include other methods along with exercising if you really wish to reduce weight.

Exercising alone may fail to prove its benefits for losing weight but along with other methods, it is highly successful.



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