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Why Body Mists are Getting Popular in India?

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During the summer and monsoon months, we all wish to have a gentle and soothing fragrance. Something that can help you in feeling relaxed and comforted laying a special focus on your skin. Due to this need, perfume lovers from all around the world are moving towards body mists, a very gentle and mild perfume type. With this, they can use the perfume on a daily basis throughout the year without feeling burdened or making their skin feel suffocated. It is possible that you have already got the desired body mist, and if you are still confused, we have tried to curate queries with answers to help you in making your mind.

Why body mists are better than other fragrances?

Body mists for women are far better than other fragrances if you are looking for gentle perfumes for the summer and monsoon season. These gentle fragrances are free from alcohol and other sort of chemicals which are generally found in perfumes and body sprays. Perfumers all over the world create body mists using natural ingredients for extracting exact fragrance or creating a similar scent by mixing various natural ingredients and flavours. This is an ideal fragrance for someone who loves organic herbal products.

Is it good for the skin?

All the body mists are created using natural ingredients so you can be assured about its effect on your skin. They are free from alcohol and fillers which are known to dry out the skin. Body mist sprays are oil and water-based so applying it on the skin will deliver required moisture to it. All the natural ingredients such as woods, flowers, fruits and such other naturally occurring ingredients have one or another benefit for the skin. Your skin will feel nourished, relaxed and rejuvenated. Consider it like getting a fruit facial every single time you spray on the body mist. Especially for the dull and dry skin or oily skin, body mists are known to provide essential nourishing moisturising effects.

How to use a Body mist to feel refreshed?

Body mists are designed in such a way that it is easy for one to carry around with them wherever they go. You can use this product to feel refreshed on the go. Spray it directly on the face when you are feeling dull and tired. Take a wet wipe or a simple cotton handkerchief and wipe off after about 10-20 seconds. This will help the body mist to melt down all the dirt and sebum from your face.

You can easily remove all this from your face to feel clean and fresh. Now spray twice by keeping the body mist at a distance. This way you can add a layer of moisture along with cooling freshness. At the end of the day when you are tired but need to go somewhere important, you can easily freshen up adding a layer of fresh fragrance. This gentle perfume will make you smell good as well as feel good about yourself.

Popular Body mists available for women:

Several brands are there in India that are selling all kinds of body mist varying with fragrance and ingredients. You can try out brands like Jacqui’s Passion, a known fragrance brand based in the USA. If you are feeling confused between various body mist variants available in the market, here are some of the most popular body mists online for women in India,

Jacqui’s Passion Sweet Blooms body mist: This one is one of the most selling body mists for women available in the country right now. Loaded with sweet-smelling florals, this perfumed body spray will make you feel amazing. There are top notes of tangy citruses and aromatic woods along with heart notes of cooling woody accords such as sandalwood and base is rich with the sweetness of citrus blooms like orange blossoms. This great for everyday use so you can enjoy it day and night.

Jacqui’s Passion Flower Power body mist: Packed with the fragrance of hundreds and thousands of freshly handpicked flowers, Flower power will fill your life with a refreshing floral scent. This aromatic body mist opens with the aroma of red fruits, zesty lemon and bergamot with geranium. The middle notes are rich with roses, violets, ylang-ylang and jasmine. The base adds the cooling aroma of woody accord with vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, amber and musk. You can use this on a daily basis enjoying its refreshing aroma.

Jacqui’s Passion Pure Pear body mist: If you are in love with sweet fruity essence, Pure pear is the right body mist variant for you. Filled with the sweetness of pear and aroma of natural aromatics, this body mist will uplift your mood no matter what.

You can buy them all online in India at perfume stores easily. They are available in small 50ml size as well as 200ml variants too. So you can choose any of them according to your need. Buy it from trusted stores so that you can get the best results out of it.

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