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When to Use a Probate Solicitor

Probate Solicitor

It can be an extremely stressful time in a person’s life when comes the time to deal with a loved one’s estate after they have passed on. Many people are in the throes of grief and cannot think clearly or simply do not want to have to deal with such matters at a time when it is paramount to do so. Unfortunately there is no choice in these circumstances and it is a huge help to look to the professionals in these matters.

A probate solicitor in Portsmouth can relieve the burden and stress that dealing with someone’s legal affairs can have. There are especially important times when having the advice of a legal professional can save the estate a lot of money in taxes as well as confusion and disagreements between family members.

By providing the personal representative of the estate with all of the information that they need and by guiding them through every step of the way taking over when necessary, it is possible to get through this experience quickly and seamlessly without needing to pay unnecessary taxes and fees.

Why use a probate solicitor?

Right from the beginning, support is available and is given to those who need it. Professionals are able to establish what kind of information is necessary to make sure that the procedure is as smoothly as it can be.

Some estates can be dealt with simply and are in no need of extra documentation. An experienced lawyer should still be in attendance to make sure that all of the proceedings are fully covered, and that the administration process is dealt with correctly and efficiently, so that family members are as comfortable as they can be during this difficult time.

Quite often, the personal representative of the estate needs to go through a series of legal obligations in order to obtain a deed that is more commonly known as a ‘grant of representation’. Lawyers can establish whether this is needed after an initial consultation and can get the process underway as soon as they themselves know.


It can be a long and drawn out process which can exhaust the personal representative and all other people involved. By being available to assist and support the family in all legal matters throughout all stages of the process, people are able to deal with other family affairs which are more pressing during this time.

By speaking with friendly, compassionate and understanding professionals who have had years of experience dealing with similar situations, people can rest assured knowing that they are in safe and caring hands. From initial consultations to the final distribution of the estate in accordance with a will or by intestacy rules when no will has been drawn up, all documents are obtained quickly, making the procedure a smooth and seamless one.

Solicitors are available for their clients throughout the whole process. They make sure that their clients feel comfortable and able to ask questions or discuss thoughts that might have them confused about the steps that must be adhered to.



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