Different Types of Trowels

What are the Different Types of Trowels and Their Uses?


Rendering trowels are of different types and their main aim is to be used in the stucco process. Different types of tasks can be performed with different kinds of rendering trowels. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of trowels and their jobs.

1. What to see when we check out the finishing of the trowels?

Finishing off the trowels

The first thing that we will discuss is the finishing done on the trowels. Rendering trowels are available with many types of finishing like steel carbon, and many more.

Stainless Steel Trowels

The main property of these rendering trowels is that they do not rust so they have a long life. Because of this property, this rendering trowel can be used for different types of tasks. The white finishing does not discolor the white finish on the thing on which the trowel is being used.

Blue Steel Trowels

The thickness of the blue still is a little less than that of carbon steel. This rendering trowel can be easily applied on smooth surfaces. You need the feather tool for the blue steel trowels. This is a higher corrosion-resistant material that does not rot or warp.

Standard or Carbon Steel trowels

These trowels are a very common type of trowel, which is strong in nature and has a long life. The life of these trowels depends on the exposure to weather. It is so because of the development of rust but it can be easily removed with the help of any oil or sandpaper.

Square Plastering Trowels

This is a rendering trowel, which can be used to apply some finishing coats and base coats on any surface. When these trowels are new, their corners are pointed and sharp. These towels are available in different sizes and people have to choose the one, which is suitable for their usage and requirement. Let us discuss different types of these rendering trowels in detail.

Square Plastering Trowels

Smaller Trowels

The smaller trowel is used on those surfaces, which are narrow and standard trowels cannot be used there. The width of these trowels is 3 inch and the length is 8 inches. The handle of this rendering trowel has a soft grip.

Standard Pool Trowel

These are the trowels that can be used in swimming pools. They can easily be used on curved and smooth surfaces. They are usually used when finishing coats have to be applied. These trowels have rounded ends, which helps in the minimization of the stroke made on the surface.

Larger Pool Trowels

Pool towels are of different sizes and people can purchase according to the area where it has to be used. The large pool trowel has the dimensions of 24 inches by 5 inches. This is ideal for doing stucco work.

Mini Pool Trowel

These trowels are square in shape and have rounded edges. The edges are rounded in order to minimize the lines that are formed when the trowel is applied on a surface. The dimensions of their trowel are 7.5-inch x 4 inches.

Mini Pool Trowel

How can we categorize trowels on the basis of corners?

Trowels come with pointed or round corners and edges and some of them have been described here.

Outside Corner Tools

These trowels come in many designs and the commonest one has short flanges.

Inside Corner Tools

This is also considered as a good tool as it can be used outside as well as inside corners. These are some of the types of rendering trowels, which people can use for different purposes. The trowels are available in different shapes and size and people can purchase them as per their requirement.