April 20, 2021


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Watch Out! 5 Disturbing Tip-offs of a Manipulative and Two-faced Coworker

There’s no perfect workplace for every employee to consider as paradise. However, working with someone who makes every working day a miserable one, hits differently.


While some are dealing with an incompetent boss or manager, some are coping with a toxic coworker. Either way, having these kinds of people around the workplace will make you look forward to the end of every working week. 


To help you pinpoint the person or people to avoid in the workplace, we listed these disturbing tip-offs that make a manipulative and two-faced coworker. As you make yourself aware of these tip-offs, you’ll get the opportunity to save yourself from their prying eyes and evil plans. 


So, stop what you’re doing for a moment and learn these factors that every deceitful coworker may possess. Who knows, you might be their next victim. 

1. A manipulative and two-faced coworker makes you turn against your boss or another coworker, then leaves you hanging in there.

For some reason, a manipulative and two-faced coworker is good at turning the situation around. One day, they’ll make you hate one person in the workplace, and one day, you’ll surprisingly see them with that specific person. 


If you have a coworker who often talks unpleasant things about the boss or another coworker, yet still sees them being nice to them, then that’s a tip-off that he/she is scheming something fishy. It’s either he/she’s using you for his/her benefit or trying to catch your thoughts towards the boss or another coworker, and then will soon leave you hanging in there. 

2. A manipulative and two-faced coworker may know you today but will suddenly ignore you tomorrow.

A manipulative and two-faced coworker is an expert at dressing with kindness today and coating themselves with evilness the next day. What does that mean? Some coworkers may show concern and generosity towards you today but soon ignore you maybe not tomorrow but some other time in the future.


If one of your coworkers shows this kind of behaviour, then you must avoid him/her as soon as you can. You can consider that kind of person as a master manipulator, and who could be your worst enemy eventually. 

3. A manipulative and two-faced coworker will make you agree to do or say something to your boss only to benefit him/her.

Either you’re a new hire or a junior employee in the company, you’re one of the main targets of manipulative and two-faced employees. In their prying eyes, you’re fresh meat and a bait.  


For them, you’re their key to send a message to the boss regardless of the consequences. He/she might use you to discuss the bad management, poor HR support, another toxic coworker or the uncomfortable workplace. It’s because he/she knows the risks of talking about the incompetent manager, incapable HR support staff or a senior coworker. 


Thus, if you have a coworker who urges you to talk about company matters to your boss, be careful as he/she might be using you for his/her benefit only. A manipulative and two-faced coworker may use you to talk about confidential matters that he/she can’t open up to the management face-to-face. 

4. A manipulative and two-faced coworker often uses disguised jokes to discriminate or belittle his/her coworkers.

Another tip-off that you’re working with a manipulative and two-faced coworker is that he/she frequently uses disguised jokes to belittle you or other employees in the workplace. It might sound creepy and odd, but a manipulative and two-faced coworker often has hidden insecurities towards their colleagues.


In return, they’ll use disguised jokes to feed their ego and to boost their self-confidence. Some employees might not be able to recognise or pinpoint disguised jokes. But, if a joke from a specific coworker gives you the creepy and cringe-inducing feeling, then that’s a tip-off that he/she’s a two-faced office colleague. 

5. A manipulative and two-faced coworker is a turncoat – never trust this kind of person.

A manipulative and two-faced coworker is mostly a turncoat. A turncoat coworker is someone whom you might avoid working with at any cost. He/she might be on your side today, but suddenly switch seats tomorrow.


It’s not that complicated to spot a turncoat coworker in the office. If one of your coworkers is taking your side against another employee who might be a toxic one and surprisingly hang out with that employee out of the blue, then that’s the tip-off that he/she’s a turncoat person.

The bottom line:

While new hires or junior employees can’t choose a coworker to work with, as simple as being aware of the tip-offs of a manipulative and two-faced office colleague can save them from being a victim.


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Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with library and information science on the side and now writes for HR Dept, an outsourced HR support provider based in Australia. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watch on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies.