May 11, 2021


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Virtual Reality Experience in London

Virtual reality experience

We are proud to offer you an amazing virtual reality experience in London, with a wide range of different things to do. We are the first in the UK to have a free-roam VR and bar experience, meaning you can have some drinks with your friends or family and enjoy all that VR has to offer. You can choose from a few of our options for different types of experiences, from zombie’s to heists.

How does it work?

Before you come to us to embrace the full possibilities of virtual reality experiences in London, you may be wondering what it entails. You and your group will be placed in a spacious room and given a VR headset each, this is what really brings the experience to life. Because it is on your head and over your eyes, it gives such a real feeling when you are playing it feels like you are actually there. When you look around, you are surrounded by the game making it so life-like.

Before you begin any of the virtual reality experiences, we will take you and your group through a demo, with one of our friendly and experienced colleagues. This means you can get used to how VR works and how it will feel when you’re actually doing it. Once this is done, you can commence on your adventure! Here are the options you can choose from:

virtual reality

Strike Team Delta

This experience involves you and your group working together to fight off invading aliens. Using physical fake guns that are connected to your VR headset, you can all go and hunt down some aliens! This is such a fun and exhilarating experience for you and your friends to enjoy, and without having to endure a real invasion!


This virtual reality experience in London allows you and your group to work together to defend yourselves against waves of zombies! This is such a great experience and can make your heart race! The zombies are relentless, and it is your duty to come and fend them off!

Overrun stage 2

This option carries on from the first Overrun option, bringing more levels and even more zombies! You have managed to survive the first blow of the apocalypse, but now they’re back and hungry for more! Will you and your group survive?

The Heist

The last option to choose from is The Heist. For this experience, you and your group will be the police, in the midst of a bank robbery. Your aim will be to survive as a team, figure out where the robbers are and solve the case. This choice focuses more on problem-solving rather than action, but is still a great opportunity to see all that virtual reality has to offer!

During all of these experiences, you will be scored throughout, and you will have opportunities to enter onto our leaderboard! This allows for you and your friends to see how well you did compared to others who have played. This adds a bit of competition into the experience which is always fun!