April 20, 2021


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Trending News Today: Both Bollywood And Hollywood Celebrities Trying Viral The Bottle Cap Challenge.

Bottle Cap Challenge

A few days ago a new challenge made it’s a way to the viral news. When one of the best action hero Jason Statham, shared a video opening bottle cap with his kick.

The entire internet started to talk about it and after being shared a few times it becomes the trending news. Everyone on the internet trying it, posting their failed and successful attempts to do what Jason did in his video.

But what’s the name of this challenge and what’s in it?

Recently Jason Statham posted a video on Twitter in which he opens the bottle cap with his back kick. Because of it, the challenge is going viral with the #Bottlecapchallenge (the bottle cap challenge).

Trying to get engaged with their fan’s on social media,  not just fans but other Hollywood and Bollywood stars are also taking up on this challenge. These are some famous celebrities trying the bottle cap challenge.

Tiger Shroff

Gitting some of the most appraise from its fans and other social media users. Tiger Shroff’s version of this challenge has become a trending news today. The reason was simple, his version of the bottle cap challenge is a notch up. As Tiger Shroff is blindfolded in the video. He shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “Wellll since everybody showing off… Inspired by the great @donnieyenofficial! Yo @beyounick is this good enough? Looking good ritesh sir #goodoldspideysense # @riteishd @thedinomorea #bottlecapchallenge.”

Kunal Kemmu

Although, the initial video of Jason Statham doing bottle cap challenge does seem very intense. But there is no shortage of both actors and their fan’s, who made this challenge a hilarious one. Kunal Kemmu is one of them. This Bollywood actor took the challenge, and instead of using his kick, he just opened the bottle cap with his hand. Just like we normally do. Giving it a hilarious twist, he captioned the video on twitter with, “#BottleCapChallenge #stayhydrated and thank god for opposable thumbs.” These funny failed attempts have become trending news in India.

Ryan Reynolds

Our favourite Deadpool from Hollywood also tried this challenge in his own way. In this version of the video Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds, ended up kicking the bottle instead of its cap. This funny incident was not intended to happen. As this video was just a failed attempt to do the bottle cap challenge. The actor can be seen running away for cover after his miserable attempt.

Akshay Kumar

Talking about the action challenge, how can forget about MR. Khihali of Bollywood, the original Khiladi, Akshay Kumar. Although he was a little late but he also posted his video doing the same challenge on Wednesday. While encouraging his fans to follow the challenge, he shared his video on Twitter with caption, “I couldn’t resist #BottleCapChallenge Inspired by my action idol #JasonStatham, I will repost/retweet the Best I see, come on Guys and Girls get your Bottle out and your Legs in the Air, Let’s Do This #FitIndia #WednesdayMotivation.”

In Conclusion:

Every now and then the internet comes up with new challenges. Most of the time these challenges are silly and stupid. But it feels good to see some motivating challenge like this bottle cap challenge becoming trending news.