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Top Tips to Choose the Right Hosting For a Blog


Today the demand of blog are increasing very frequently. Because running a blog holds many benefits.  A blog is created either to make money or to sell service of the company. Many people might want to create their own blog to earn or interact with others. However, there is the number of points to look when you decided to create it.

A blog has two components one is backend which is the servers, security and other is frontend which is the theme or design of the blog. Lets first talk about the front end. The layout of the blog plays an important part in attracting visitors and feel good to interact with your blog. So it is better to choose a simple and attractive theme which will cost you less or even comes free. Now you know about the front end part then let’s move to backend section which is the backbone of the blog.

You have purchased a web hosting from where your blog will be life and ready for visitors. Web hosting consists of servers only. Sounds easy but here comes the most difficult part in setting up a blog. Web hosting plays a significant role in the health of the blog. There are many web hosting companies which offer different packages for different blog type. Web hosting comes with commonly 3 servers plan category which are

  • Basic
  • professional
  • enterprise

Basic:  In the basic plan you will get a shared-hosting which means you will be sharing the same servers with other users. It is good for beginners who want to try blogging and don’t require advance servers to handle huge traffic as in the start you hardly have thousand visitors and when you feel that the traffic is increasing than can migrate it to advance servers which will cost you more than basic.

Professional: In the professional plan, you will be getting advanced and fast servers where you can run your blog on the separate server alone. Commonly they are VPX servers which are faster than basic and of course, it will cost you more. This plan is recommended for the bloggers who have medium level traffic and don’t get huge traffic. Most of the pro bloggers go with this plan because it offers good features and services.

Enterprise: this plan as sounds like the name, it is for the blog which gets huge traffic every day and it can handle large traffic very easily but the cost will be a little expensive. This plan is taken by most companies and higher bloggers who need to handle traffics.

So now you may be wondering how to decide which company to go with, then let me clear your vision to look for. You have to look at certain points when you are browsing package of the web hosting companies.

Features to look in web hosting companies

There are many features to look in web hosting companies however these are the most important features to search for.

1) Bandwidth: bandwidth is considered as the amount of data that can be transferred among the users and your blog. If you think your blog will not get more traffic than 1000 visitors then  10Gb/month will be quite good for you and if your site is getting more than that then your blog will get crash and goes down. So it is important to choose the right amount of bandwidth for your blog.

2) Disk space: it is the amount of data you will store on the servers like files, images, videos etc and the blog. Your blog will be stored on the servers which depend on the language and size of your blog. You need a good amount of space to store the data because you will start uploading files to your website. So look for the companies who will offer a good amount of disk space in affordable price.

3) Business email: This is basically the email of your website which is not compulsory but it is good for you if you want to look professional. Most of the companies will give you 1 business email. Which is not bad.

4) Support: What makes a company best, it is the customer support which they provide to their customers to resolve any kind of issues and feel comfortable to use the service without getting difficulties.  It is very important because when you will ever get some doubt about the hosting then you can easily get in touch with them. So you should look for companies who are providing good customer support in your country.

5) Price: Of course you have to compare all the above features and price otherwise you will end up paying more for the same services. The price varies from companies to companies however you should always remember that if the company is offering a very cheap plan then that doesn’t mean it will provide good services. You should look at the people’s review and choose the right and best for you. you can get discount through hostgator coupons.

So now you know what points to look in the web hosting companies. To make the search process easy I am going to recommend you to look at the Hostgator web hosting company which I use myself and till now I didn’t have got any problem in my blog and services. The customer support is amazing. They are sitting there for you to help you with any kind of problems and doubts anytime. The most amazing thing is that you can start using it and if you feel it is not best for you blog then you can cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchase and you will get your money back. they are also having sales and offering a good discount on their plans with the discount coupons.

So now you know all the tips to choose the best web hosting companies and ready to start your blogging journey. I suggest do it if you are planning to go for long run otherwise it will be of no use.



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