Gold Coast for Adventurous Travelers

Top Things to Do on the Gold Coast for Adventurous Travelers


Usually, the first thing that comes to people’s minds when you ask them about the Gold Coast is surfing. And how could it not? After all, the Gold Coast has some of the most magnificent beaches in Australia, but this is not the only reason why it’s one of the most loved destinations on the continent.

From magnificent sunrises to the adventurous hinterland, this is the place where you can do numerous activities and have a fulfilling vacation. Here are the top things to do on the Gold Coast that will have any adventurous traveler coming back for more.

  • Discover the Lost World Valley

Hidden in the Lamington National Park, the Lost World Valley is situated deep in the jungle and is waiting for more adventurous explorers to discover its secrets. This is a demanding track so take enough nourishment and maybe even the first aid kit with you on your journey. There are various waterfalls along the way and swimming holes where you can take a dip and refresh before continuing your hike.  

The land was named the Lost World Valley for a reason and you will quickly notice the similarities between its dense rainforests to those seen in the movie Jurassic Park. However, no matter how challenging this track seems, it will give you some of the most astounding sights you will ever see so it’s worth the trouble. 

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  • Hike in the Mount Barney foothills

Mount Barney National Park has numerous scenic trails which attract hikers from all over the world. The foothills of Mount Barney offer gorgeous waterfalls and hillsides perfect to take a break and enjoy the beautiful scenery and sprawling landscapes. This is a perfect spot for a weekend getaway and spending active time in nature especially if you are looking for a perfect destination to take a break from an urban dwelling.

  • Catch the whale watching season

If you are around the Gold Coast between May and November, then you should definitely book a tour to see whales. Namely, this is a whale watching season and a wonderful opportunity to see these amazing creatures in a person swimming nearby. You will most probably get a chance to observe the humpback whales which on average weigh 50 tons and love to put a good show by jumping out of the water. Of course, there isn’t a 100% guarantee you will see the whales, but you will have the most chances if you go whale watching in June.  

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  • Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Valley is an extremely scenic area with lush rainforest and rock pools with fresh mountain waters running over the rocks. It’s no wonder that this is the location of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which is the home to wallabies, dingoes, crocodiles, kangaroos, and wombats. Also, you will have an opportunity to see Tasmanian devil, lorikeets, bilby, echidna, koalas and basically most of the Australian fauna. 

Since many Australian species are endangered, you can participate in the “Adopt A Wildlife Child” program and donate funds to help their preservation work. It will help this sanctuary to feed, care and ultimately release back to nature any of the animals it fosters.

  • Go on the SkyPoint Climb

Australia’s highest external building walk is right here on the Gold Coast and perfect for adventurous travelers to start off their journey. The SkyPoint Climb takes place on Q1 resort building which is over 1,000 feet high building and the second tallest after The Marina Torch in Dubai. The brave go on a 90-minute climb in the open taking in the full view of the Golden Coast and getting quite an adrenalin boost.

The most popular is the Day Climb, although you can go on a night climb and observe the city lights from above and also apply for a tour with lunch. The observation deck is available for those who are not so brave and will give them a 360-degree view of the area behind a tight glass.

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  • Have a night out at Miami Marketta

From interactive entertainment at clubs organized by the famous Velvet Rope Entertainment to sipping locally crafted beer, Gold Coast nightlife has something for everyone. If you like live music and festive ambiance, then head over to Miami Marketta where you can eat almost any cuisine imaginable. This area has it all – great food, tasty cocktails and local artwork you can take home as a souvenir.

  • Watch sunset or sunrise on Burleigh Beach

Besides being the best spot to do watersports, Burleigh Beach is also an ideal place to watch the sunrise or sunset over the Gold Coast. Some argue that sunrises here are worth waking up in the very early morning hours and are the best in the world with their golden shine. So, buy yourself a coffee at the local shop, bring a blanket and after enjoying the magnificent sunrise, have breakfast and explore the Burleigh Heads suburb. 

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All in all

Australia is the land where if you come for an adventure you will find more than one and cherish the memories of your experience forever. These top things to do on the Golden Coast are only the beginning of your journey and there is a lot more waiting for you to come back.