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Top Places in the World Where Beautiful Women Live in


Beautiful women are everywhere, beautiful places too. But when you mix beautiful women and beautiful places, then you get heaven on Earth. Isn’t it that right? Very often you can hear someone making comments like “the most beautiful women live in the USA” or “Sweden has the most beautiful fair ladies on the planet”, or perhaps “the women with the most beautiful eyes are from Russia.” So, is there a real connection between beautiful women and places? Well, research has shown that it has. In fact, that is how the stereotypes have appeared in the first place. So, without further ado, here are the places where you can find the most beautiful women all around the world.


Russian women are an epitome of femininity as it is expected from them to look the part while the stronger sex needs to show off their masculinity. That is why you can always see a beautiful Russian girl everywhere you turn in Moscow, or St Petersburg, or any other city in the cold but breathtaking Russia. The fact that in Russia the female population is far bigger than the male population, the women always take care of themselves as finding a life partner might be a bit difficult. Plus, in the rich Russian literature, you can read only about beautiful women who are one of a kind and always supporting their beloved ones.


Brazil is a place where you can find gorgeous and passionate women who are very strong and family-oriented. Also, they know how to have fun. There are tons of festivals, especially during the summer days when Brazilian women let themselves free and enjoy every single bit of the summer flirtatious breeze. All Latin women, in general, are beautiful, but the Brazilians surely know how to party. Their Latin beauty, wide hips, thick hair and full lips wouldn’t leave a man indifferent.


Sweden is really lacking sunshine, but that is not the sole reason people living there are pretty fair. Their genetics has a huge part in it and mix with the environmental conditions, Sweden is a place where you can see the most beautiful naturally blonde women in the whole world. It is also a known fact that Swedish women don’t wear a lot of makeup, and this makes them even more attractive. Their natural beauty really grabs attention.


Japanese women might seem very shy and reserved but their peaceful appearance is what makes them one of the most likeable women on the planet. They are really beautiful and their young and fresh look always makes you wonder about their age. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to guess their age at first attempt because they all look very young. Japan, in the same way, offers you a beauty you can’t find anywhere else in the world. The most magical time is during spring when the cherries blossom. The streets are irresistible and the faces of beautiful Japanese women have a different glowing facial expression.


Curvy, long hair, long legs and a perfect pearly smile – that is how Colombian women are known all around the world. The fact that there were so many Colombian Miss World only supports this statement. Like the Brazilian, Colombian women are also very passionate and pay attention to the way they look. Even though they are naturally beautiful women, they never leave to chance when it comes to makeup. You won’t see them without makeup on and always bringing their A-game.


Ukraine is a European country where the majority of women have the super-model body-like features. They are tall, slim, have bright eyes and beautiful lips. Their hair is normally straight but you can also meet a curly beauty now and then. There is a myth that says that today’s Ukrainian women would never marry in their country, so if you are a foreigner, you chances just increased. Although they like to party, they are pretty much dedicated to their family.


German women are a symbol of their strength and their bold beauty. With a lots of expressive facial features, they are real beauty gems in Germany. They are excellent leaders, boss women who know how to tackle career obstacles. This makes them even more attractive for the strong-minded men.


I put the USA on the list because, at the moment, the USA is the biggest melting pot – women from all around the world study, live or work there. So, the chances you will find a beautiful woman right around the corner are extremely big. European, Asian and African women from all the countries in the world come to the USA to live the dream. So, if you are from the USA, just take a look around and probably, there won’t be any need to travel outside the borders.

To Sum Up

So, here you are. A list of places where you can go and meet beautiful women. Keep in mind though that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Also, if the woman is beautiful on the inside, it will certainly be seen on the outside. So, generalisations like these are always done for the fun of it and are aimed to provoke thoughts of the interested parties.

Finally, love is a very strong feeling that doesn’t recognise the beauty of the physical appearance, but the beauty of the souls. So, when it comes to beauty, if you find your soulmate she would be the most beautiful woman on the plant and she could live anywhere in the world

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