Top Payment Gateways You Need for E-Commerce Business

Top Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are an important part of the e-commerce business. Having a safe and secure payment gateway will ensure that you earn your customers trust and a continued association in the business.

Here is a list of top payment gateways to have you sorted.

  1. Braintree

    The company was established in the 2012 and provides a top mobile payment gateway platform. The company is financed by venture capitalists and enthusiastic investors and is quite different in its programming. It’s code can be set specifically into a merchant’s online site. It also offers a secured checkout experience to customers,which in turn encourages them to return to the website. It is an ideal gateway for companies which are looking to process payments much proficiently and enhance their overall order management.

    2. PayU

    PayU is a product of an Indian payment-processing corporation and is the easiest payment solution which is designed to fill in the gaps left by other complex service providers. PayU is unique because of its best conversion rates and acceptance over several other payment methods. The PayuBiz’ API’s and SDKs connect this versatile platform to any website, application, or associated third-party systems.

    3. Amazon Payments

    Amazon gives a secure and simplified payment service for customers. To facilitate their online buying, the service is made available to both the merchants as well as customers. It functions completely on the data that is already entered by the customer in their Amazon account to complete the check-ins and checkouts. With the help of a single login, the customer is  recognized in an instant and allowed to complete the transaction through either a web or a mobile.

  2. Authorize.Net

    This was established in the year 1996 and is considered as one of the popular payment gateways for the eCommerce business. It is reported that around 400,000 merchants use Authorize.Net payment gateway through credit cards and electronic checks.

    These merchants deal with their account via Authorize. Net’s Merchant Interface. They can start up several accounts of a user to control access for every user. With this extra feature, is a very viable option to maintain your online business. Experts in the field says that it is a good match for Magento stores and eCommerce.

    5. PayPal

    This famous company was founded in 1999 and both MasterCard and credit card payments can acknowledge it. This service is free for buyers. on the other hand, the merchants need to pay transaction fees while using PayPal for Visa payments. This payment gateway is free of any setup expenses, gateway fees, or monthly charges.
    6. Skrill

    Skrill is a UK based payment gateway that is very very effective for both businesses as well as consumers. With the help of the Skrill service, you can make international transactions, pay for products and services irrespective of where you are, all with the help of dedicated mobile app. Active users of the service can submit a request for a prepaid Master card, and use it to revert assets/buy products wherever they might be. 

  1. 2CheckOut

    This payment gateway is best if you are looking for instant payments. This is a fully featured payment processing solution that appears on all similar top lists and classifications. The company is US based and allows merchants to agree on mobile and online payments from buyers located globally .It supports all major languages and  different currencies with a sandbox feature that connects you to the marketplaces.

    8. Stripe

    This payment gateway was set up in 2010 and provides payment-processing services to merchants. They have a  wide developing tools set that sets them apart from other payment processing suppliers. The company claims that they have an important commitment to your eCommerce as a capable and adaptable API. This enables you to customize the platform as per your necessities.

    9. Orangepay

    Orangepay is a good platform for assisting difficult tasks. It can offer you a very comfortable experience and reduce risks by guaranteeing consistence with laws and at the same time, offering assurance from fake transactions through various highly secured tools. Orangepay almost completely eliminate the risk for rebelliousness for different approaches. It also includes SSL-encryption and 3D security to secure your private information.

    10. BlueSnap

    BlueSnap is a very dedicated payment processor for merchants and retailers, It allows payments for eCommerce, mobile, and web development. The merchant can coordinate it with all top marketplaces and shopping cart platforms with direct payments. They can even make use of it to create exclusive desktop and mobile applications for SaaS, gaming, invoicing, and so on.

    Payment Gateways are definitely the future of eCommerce business. They develop a very secure link between the website/browser, and the payment processors. All these payment gateways offer easy, quick, seamless, and secure transactions with a best E-commerce software development. Try them out today!

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