Top Handbag Brands to Amp Up Your Fashion Game

A handbag is counted as one of the essential items in a woman’s life due to countless reasons. An accessory that makes a huge difference in your look for any occasion, handbags hold the power to make or break your look. Not only do all the varieties in types and designs add to the style factor of any outfit, but there is also nothing as convenient as handbags when it comes to carrying your things. Ever since handbags have become an important part of any woman’s wardrobe collection, many top handbag brands have cropped up, but only a few have managed to constantly stay at the top of the game. Listing the top handbag brands down for you, here are the ones you can rely on without any worries:

  • Ginger By Lifestyle: This is a fashion brand by Lifestyle known for its efficiency at keeping up with the latest fashion. Having gained the trust of high profile celebrities like Deepika Padukone, this brand is one of a kind in terms of colours, embellishments, quirky zippers, detailings, styles and its range.
  • Caprese: Caprese has stood as one of the top handbag brands for a very long time. Known for its collections of sleek, stylish bags advertised by celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor, Caprese shows versatility like no other.
  • Baggit: Luxury handbags are notorious for often being out of budget for many, but Baggit solves those problems for you. In regards to materials, durability, style and design, Baggit offers you the best of all worlds at affordable prices.
  • Code By Lifestyle: This is another line of handbags launched by Lifestyle, mainly known for its professional handbags. Minimalistic designs on monochromatic solid colours being its signature; this is one of the top handbag brands to go for if you’re looking for the perfect mix of functionality and style.
  • Allen Solly: Allen Solly is one of the oldest handbag brands that has been a favourite for a long time. Durability is an aspect widely appreciated in handbags, and Allen Solly surely delivers. Sophisticated handbags made out of synthetic blends always keeps them classy.
  • Hidesign: When talking about top handbag brands, Hidesign is bound to come up due to its wide range of high-design and superior quality products. Hidesign’s reliability makes it a must-have for everyone, so go ahead and invest in one of these to make a lifelong friend.
  • Lavie: This is one of the top handbag brands that are famous for its versatility. Tote bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, handbags, and more – you name it, Lavie will have the best options for you. Lavie’s fancy and elegant handbags make it a go-to option for every young woman.

A good handbag stays with you for a long time, so you have to make sure you choose a timeless one. Giving you just that, these top handbag brands are extremely convenient and accessible through Lifestyle stores. Take advantage of the excellent customer service along with the vast collections, great prices and high-quality products provided by them and start stocking up on your favourite handbags!