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With the advancement of technology, there are many fields of study and, in effect, job descriptions that have taken form recently. Of the many new job titles, the one which has seen much growth is Digital marketing. As the internet has become the preferred form of media which can be used to reach a larger demographic, professionals like Digital Marketers have become a large demand. In the following article, we will be looking into what is Digital Marketing and also glimpse over some of the highest job descriptions under it.

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing

We have always been a species which strives to develop new and better than what we have, all aiming towards making our lives easier. As time passes by, the time period in which we are able to invent and innovate keeps getting shorter. In fact, most of our biggest inventions have taken place in the last three decades.

Of these inventions, the one technological platform that mankind is most graciously thankful for is the Internet. When it first came into existence, nobody could have imagined the scope at which this tech could have been used. Though a privilege, in the beginning, today the internet is treated as a basic necessity.

It would have been foolish of businesses to not find a way of using this new media platform which has a wider connectivity and reach than what television could have ever achieved. Digital Professionals who could carry out market research and find innovative ways of using the internet to reach the intended demographic were searched. This need gave rise to a new form of marketing which surrounded the internet as a form of reaching the consumer, known as Digital Marketing.

In technical terms, Digital Marketing can be defined as the utilization of tactics and channels, involving various digital gadgets and the internet, to establish a dialogue with the customers. These tactics can range from online brochures to carrying out customer surveys, using any means to get the word out. Though the internet was earlier bound to the confines of a desktop personal computer, today’s smartphones have made accessibility much easier. As access to the internet keeps becoming simpler, Digital Marketing keeps developing into a job sector with multiple applications.. All you need is passion to indulge in the field of marketing and of course, a degree in marketing from a great school and voila, you’re good to go. This leads us to enumerate on top job picks in digital marketing field.

Highest Paying Jobs in Digital Marketing

As mentioned above, with developments in technology and the internet becoming more accessible to the common man there are no limits to the application of a profession like Digital Marketing. Though numerous, there are those few job titles which are bound to pay higher than the rest. The following is a list and description of the highest paying job titles available in Digital Marketing.

  • SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

In order to make your brand visible to the world and make it the first choice of any consumer, it has to be the first choice that is provided to them. On the internet, consumers like to go to search engines like Google or Yahoo and type in the service or product they are looking for, to which the search engine will give them a long list of answers. If companies want to be picked, they must be available as high up on the list as possible. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method which can help you increase your visibility. SEO specialists are tasked with doing research and creating phrases and content in such a way that it helps you gain higher listing ranks when a consumer conducts a search.

  • Social Media Expert

Social Media Expert

When we speak of social media, we are talking about platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc; websites and mobile applications which function as a place for people to share and discuss. Such type of platforms is a gathering of a large number of people, sharing their interests and hobbies, and functions as a great marketing opportunity. As a Social Media Expert/Specialist you would be required to help design your companies account, find methods to advertise on the platform, post constant and engaging content and increase overall brand awareness.

  • Ad Campaign Manager

There are many aspects of a business that will affect the final sales of the product or services that they are providing. The most important of these would be increasing the visibility of the product which is most commonly achieved by advertisements. Advertisements make up the heart and soul of marketing and a platform like an internet makes the perfect place to reach a large audience and increase product visibility. Digital Marketing professionals can be hired in the form of Ad Campaign Managers. Their jobs would be to come up with an idea for an ad campaign and pitch it to the higher-ups. Once approved, they would be responsible for managing the implementation and monitoring of the progress of the campaign.

  • Email Marketing Specialist

It is important for companies to maintain a large and meaningful connection with not just their customers but also the people they do business with. Email Marketing Specialists are given a list of emails which include customers and businesses, to whom they are supposed to reach out with an email. Whereas earlier the emails had to be written and sent personally, there is third-party software which is specifically designed as Email Marketing tools. These tools have made the work much easier and increased overall yield.

  • Mobile Marketing

It would be a shame if a platform like mobile/cell phones gets overlooked as a way to reach out to the public. As the years have gone by, Mobile phones have become an essential commodity in the hands of every person. Mobile Marketing is said to have the same aesthetics as Desktop Marketing with a larger radius of influence. Mobile marketing ranges from sending daily SMSs informing about new offers and products to tied up with various mobile apps to advertise their product.

  • Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager

Content created by a company is what drives the marketing for their products and services. The content that a company creates and puts its name on is meant to get the information out to the world about all that the company does and represent. A poorly created or projected content can damage the company’s visibility. A good Content Marketing Manager will lead a team of developers to carry out marketing research and use the gained information to create captivating content.

  • Online Reputation Manager

Internet is notoriously known for being a place which, even though is beneficial, can turn into a cesspool of a lot of criticism and stink eyes. It is necessary to have a professional who would make sure that the reputation of the company remains untainted. An Online Reputation Manager is responsible to make sure that the company’s online presence remains kosher. It is an important job and many companies have come to rely upon professionals for this task.