Top 5 Attractions Worth Exploring on Porto Holidays

Porto Holidays

Centuries old history, dramatic coastline, wine production, architectural delights and plenty of attractions makes Porto a top European holiday destination. The Mediterranean climate is the biggest impact and crowd puller. It is the second largest city of Portugal, happy place to live and experience on Porto Holidays. There are some fantastic places of historical prominence that you should explore on a vacation. Whether you travel with your family, friends or loved ones, the destination awaits your presence to offer some best things. Let us explore some of the best attractions in this gorgeous city of Porto.

Porto Holidays – Best Attractions

Clerigos Tower

The towering structure is the major attraction in the city. It is 57 meters long featuring the ornate style of architecture. It overlooks the entire city, it was opened to the public domain in 1763 and the Baroque motifs are a major attraction, designed by the legendary designer Nicolau Nasoni. If you reach the top you can enjoy the most amazing views of the city. But, you must climb some around 225 steps to enjoy the magnificent views. Porto Holidays will never let you down, visit anytime.

Crystal Palace

Inspired by the London’s crystal palace, the legendary personalities of the country started this palace with intent to bring the best minds to the Porto. Initially it was an exhibition center, but later the intent did not materialize. Eventually, it is serving as the romantic museum for pleasure seekers. The garden area gives a relaxed feel with verdant landscape and some exceptional views of surroundings. There are cafes and restaurant to spend some quality time with your loved ones. While planning a Cheap Holidays to Porto, ensure that you get everything that you do not give a miss to the Palace garden.

The Serra do Pilar

The hilly area with sharp edges pointing towards skies along the Douro River offers best views of the sunset. It is the most prominent spot for liberals who emerged victorious during the elections. The monastery of medieval times worth visiting on a vacation, this place helps you understand some of the best things about other prominent sites in the city.

Porto Wine Cellars

Another prominent attraction worth exploring in Porto visiting Gai region, it boasts some best beaches and wine industry. As you know the port wine’s popularity across the world. Wine tours are organized; you will come to know about the history of cellars in the city. In addition, there is a museum to explore and some best delicacies to taste in the picnic on Holidays to Porto.

Porto Cathedral

It is the landmark sight and witnessed centuries of life since its erection in the city. Built in the thirteenth century, it features the Gothic style of architecture. This national monument has plenty of things to offer, the chapel of frescoes, the portrait of Lady Vandoma, patron saint and numerous personalities of medieval times. Located exactly in the historic centre, it is the wonderful sight to discover.

In addition, to the above mentioned destinations Porto boasts wonderful natural scenery and food, to know more Porto Holidays and some best accommodation in the city, dial 0203 883 8239, Book It Now provides you arrangement at best rates.

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