April 20, 2021


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7 Tips to Travel Safely During Covid-19 Outbreak

Various nations are dealing with a different bunch of strategies to deter the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. Some of them resorted to lockdown in phases while others restricted the cross border movements. The battle against things will continue to grow unless we develop vaccines and human trials to combat the perils of this disease. Until that time, we have to follow the health and safety guidelines to stay afloat.

As economies are settling in with this change, some of the places have opened their doors to tourists. Still,It is essential to abide by the guidelines of safe travel for our safety and others around us. The outline below consists of 7 tips that can help you travel safely during this contagiously spreading virus.

1.  Plan Travel with Minimum Contact Points.

Many of us who have been indoors for a while might feel a sudden urge to explore places, but for travelers, the risk of catching the coronavirus magnifies several folds.  Perhaps more contact points increase your susceptibility to the virus. It is rather good to navigate to a destination keeping minimum contact. By hitting the road on the self-driven car with roof rack storage to keep your luggage, it can minimize the likeability of outside contacts. If you are traveling by air, make sure to book a direct flight.  Avoid cash handling and make digital payments. Contact your service providers to get your documentation sorted so that you may not have to present documentation time and again.

2.  Research and Plan.

All travelers understand the importance of planning the nit-grits of travel itinerary. During this outbreak, however, you may have to take your traveling game one step further. Get yourself familiar with multiple routes so that you can switch if you may face any trouble. States are evolving their policies to isolate sensitive areas. So, you may find a couple of road closures and time restrictions in many places. It is better to go prepared with an alternate plan to meet the need of the hour.

3.  Make Sanitizing your Priority.

Off lately there has been a lot of emphasis on sanitizing and washing the hands time and again. While we travel it is important not to miss out on any suspected area of infection. Apart from disinfecting the area of close contact, you may want to pay close attention to your cell phone, door knobs, places where you rest your luggage, fixtures, etc.

4.  Invest in Masks and Disposables.

Covering your face with a mask and glasses is an appropriate measure to prevent airborne toxins and viruses from traveling through saliva from one person to another. Packing some disposable covers for your luggage can reduce your effort of disinfecting them every time. Likewise, you can get a few pairs of disposable gloves to wear at places like fuel stations and supermarkets that are too busy to allow clean hands.

5.  Get your Essentials in Order

To support your immunity, it is important to keep yourself hydrated. While on the go make sure you keep enough supplies of water, and essentials like packed food and medications. Hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes have become new travel essentials, make sure you keep enough supplies of each.

6.  Keep all Medical Information Handily.

Before you travel, make sure you check with your doctor. It is important to keep an emergency kit handy. Keep a note of nearby medical facilities and emergency contact numbers to get help in case you feel sick. In the case of emergency, timings are the key; therefore, gathering information about the medical procedure, billing information, and sorting insurance beforehand can be a lifesaver.

Keep all Medical Information Handily

7.  Do not Compromise on Dining and Staying Facilities.

Hotels and restaurants are taking the utmost care of hygiene. Choose ones that are big on adhering to rules and are informed enough to handle no contact check-ins. Prefer the restaurants’ takeaways than a dime-option and make sure you follow the distancing rule while dealing with the staff at the hotel. Inform your hotel before landing so that they take care of the proper sanitation and deep cleaning before your arrival. Limit the number of people coming to your room by opting out of housekeeping services.

The Bottom Line

In light of the current situation, you might need to revamp your plan and approach to safe travel. This might demand your extra attention and eye for the details. While you need to navigate calmly keeping awareness, any signs of ill-health should you address immediately. Apart from gearing well for travel make sure that your actions and behavior are polite. While we may be safe, someone out there might need support, extending help to someone in need can multiply your happiness as you travel.