Quartz kitchen worktops

Things you must know about Quartz kitchen worktops

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Due to the features responsible for its popularity, Silestone Lyra quartz gives extreme durability and color choices that make them stand out from other materials. Quartz kitchen worktops offer uniqueness and benefits that most of the natural stones have failed to offer in the past.

It comprises of 93% pure quartz stone and 7% resin binder and a small amount of colorant mixture. Quartz kitchen worktop gives an entirely different look to your kitchen interiors. Its surface is non-porous in nature, which makes it scratch resistive and highly stainable.

Here are some of the things you must know about quartz worktops.

Cost of quartz worktops is lower than other choices like granite. Therefore, you get your cost-efficient material. Silestone Lyra quartz provides an easy and better alternative to ensure an effective appearance of your kitchen interiors over other materials. It allows the manufacturer to engineer the slabs of desirable patterns and some fine textures. The mixture produced provides the material in a particularly tough and solid substance that is stronger than other worktop materials.

Quartz kitchen worktop ensures the health of your family, as it prevents bacterial growth. There is no chance for vermin to inhabit in the slabs. Since there are no pores present like many natural stones, germs or bacteria is not a problem.

It is safer to use quartz, as it is non-porous in nature, which makes it scratch resistive but highly stainable. To avoid stains, you must wipe the spills as soon as possible. A non-abrasive sponge will do well in the cleaning of the heavy stains. Do not use heavy alkaline or acidic cleaners for cleaning purposes.

Quartz is always used in its natural form, unlike other worktops, which are dyed for commercial purposes. The different colors don’t vanish when used regularly. These qualities make it look beautiful throughout its lifespan.

Quartz and natural stones like granite worktops have commonly visible seams, which are seen when they are placed in shelves but quartz will be a better option comparatively, because of the solid color that minimizes the visibility and gives it a natural look.

The display of quartz is exceptionally adorable because it is mined out differently. Materials similar to granite are mined out in a way where it is cut into slab-like structures. Therefore quartz allows the manufacturer to engineer worktops in their own way and the desired shapes. The finishing of the surface is can be made to appear shiny or give a matt satin finish look.

Quartz kitchen worktops do not require routine maintenance unlike other materials, which need to be sealed from time to time. It can be cleaned easily with soap and water regularly and there is absolutely no need for costly anti-bacterial cleaning soaps and solutions.

Quartz kitchen worktops is the best choice for your kitchen interior, as it has most of the qualities that none of the other materials can ever provide. Moreover, Quartz price is lesser compared to any other worktop prices. It will be a great option for you when you want to make or renovate your kitchen interiors. Hence choose quartz and get these benefits.