June 23, 2021


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The Ultimate Bathroom Design Ideas To Inspire Your Next Renovation

Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are having thoughts upon selling off your home in the future, bathrooms are significant rooms for consideration. Even if you stay out for a while or just bought one home recently, you might plan on investing in your bathroom for that satisfaction you crave for. Making wise choices helps in ensuring great returns of the investments made. We are here to provide you with our best bathroom renovation services in Port Macquarieto achieve that bathroom you dreamt of.

  1. The tubs

Such had vanished for some time form one’s master bathroom but such has returned, making one awesome comeback. For ones not going for bigger bathrooms, Japanese soaking tubs are there called ofuro tubs as well. They have this bench seat and is deeper and smaller than one standardized bathtub.

  1. The showers

With no threshold, the walk-in showers became popular for quite long. Recently linear drains and large-format tiles are utilized. Such tiles begin with 16 inches can run up until 10 feet. They are rectangular or square made form stone, porcelain and ceramic. Our best bathroom renovation services in Port Macquarie are here to customize such.

  1. The vanities

The floating ones are considered as one contemporary option for a sleek and clean look. Such provides extra space on the floor, not consisting of cabinets which cover them up.

  1. The toilets

Such toilets consisting of built-in bidets are becoming popular among older people especially.  Such provide health benefits, helping with general overall cleanliness, postpartum hygiene and pregnancy, constipation and haemorrhoids. Having such a feature would not require two fixtures separately. We have such available if you are interested. We provide best bathroom renovation services in Port Macquarie, fulfilling your customized needs.

  1. The flooring

The cement decorative tiles are one popular export originating from Europe. Such hand-painted designs are great ways of adding personality to one’s space. The handcrafted tiles are getting utilized for adding interest and texture to one’s space. They provide thus nostalgia with no fusses.

  1. Some new products

Originating from Japan, the wet room moves away from one enclosing shower. Here, everything gets exposed to moisture and is open. The floors and walls are made waterproof. The toilet and vanity are hung on the walls usually. Floors here are sloped depending upon the drain located and is heated for rapid evaporation usually.

  1. The technology

Voice control has taken over every user coming out as a preference to have a presence for wherever they are, even in bathrooms. The digital assistants, Google Home and Alexa are some examples. When putting on makeup or brushing your teeth, you might catch up with the latest headlines, read your horoscope or check sports scores. You can put on some music through such while enjoying a nice bath.  We are open towards technology, here to provide the best bathroom renovation services in Port Macquarie for you.

So there are some trends which are walking the talk at the moment. If you have your own personalized or customized ideas in your mind we are here to make that come true. Maybe your ideas might further spice up these current trends.