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The Rise of Nano Influencers Marketing

Nano Influencers Marketing

Influencers/bloggers are people who share reviews, announcements, blogs, awareness etc, through their social networking platforms and create an impact on their viewers. Marketing is the base on which this strategy works and therefore the process is mainly called influencer marketing.

Marketing is the area that requires awareness, public interests, communication, sharing etc. with the aim of gaining profit and popularity. This mode of employment works basically on profitable projects or plans. In order to increase the profit on products, it is best to let more people know about it. Here advertising helps a lot: advertising through newspaper, TV commercials, boarding and banners, pamphlets, radio and the most important (according to today’s situation) is through social networking. The growing generation is technology-dependent; almost all of the work is done through online mode. Electronic gadgets have replaced most of the sectors that were once run without the help of digital media. Since technology is making everything easy by preventing labor and time it has created a very powerful impact on the people living in today’s world. Departments that once required long queues especially places for billing and payments processing are now done with few clicks and can be done from wherever you are. Great! No?

Similar is the case with advertisements of products, brands, events and other related themes. You don’t need physical platforms anymore to endorse your subject, a post is enough! Yes, posts made virtually at any networking site reach people way before newspapers and radio. Even if your own audience is not banging enough to reach out to more people, you can take the help of anyone who has an interactive and humongous connection. You can ask them for sponsorship with the promise of rewarding. These tasks are paid according to the result expected. Most of the people may not be following the brand accounts but either they follow people that fall under influencing category and swallow their fashion trends and even their aspects of living. They trust them for whatever they recommend to their viewers. But the best influencers most of the time, are not the ones that have bigger collaborations or enormous followers list but are the opposite!. And these influencers are termed asnano influencers, why? Because they may not be a much famous face, or a well known celebrity yet leaves a power impact on their viewers because of their fair and sincere relationship with their audience. The best influencers are the ones that have interactions with their audience, who are genuinely trying to support your products and brands & not because of the earning they achieve from it. The basic advantage of campaigning by Nano influencers is that though they may not have huge number of fan following but the approaches made to them is by people that are actually interested to know or learn about them. Whenever they would endorse a product people will take it as a casual advice from a friend, and therefore  would take it seriously. They receive comments and DMs directly for FAQs, which signifies that their campaign has been going on well. Nano influencers are devoted more seriously to their work and are considered trustworthy by the audience and the presenter of the campaign as well. Although celebrities have a bigger number of spectators to view and learn about things; but the problem is they can’t do the sponsorship sincerely enough with regular posting and sharing so people also take it as an #Ad.

Also another thing comes up as: celebrities cannot endorse only one brand or products for a long duration, as they have multiple projects coming and schedules are mostly run packed. Therefore people cannot rely on them so faithfully. Thereforenano influencers here again prove to be an advantage! How? Because of beingnano influencer their area of interest remains constant. They may or may not choose different campaign until they are finished with their first one. They stick to one at a time. Also endorsing single product at a time makes them trustworthy, as people find them sincere they look forward to them as reliable.

Again being a nano influencer they are not bound to always work for you and neither are you bound to them. Which in other words mean that you can move on to work with more influencers very easily as they do not hold a permanent collaborating deal. Either of you can leave as soon as the reviews are made. As for highly famous influencers the reputation matters, so leaving in the middle can cause issues among both of you.

Also if the campaign fails to reach the mark the loss won’t be too much neither for them, nor for you. As they have less audience it won’t impact much in a negative way. Since they are not as experienced as micro influencers you should show them and prepare them how promoting is done. Nano influencers could prove to be the future of marketing world as people would be less into page six celebrity lifestyles, rather would indulge into their own selves. Face to face communication will never go out of style and that’s the truth where micro influencers lack! The lack of fame makes a nano influencer approachable.

Final Thoughts :

Nano influencers are trulythrough impact on brand’s life and audience lifestyle, being not too demanding they manage things in a better way because of lesser number of people to be surrounded by, they are more true to work. They even won’t argue for small problems instead would settle for good. They will always be glad to receive free products in order to access their audience; overall collaborating with a nano influencer is much beneficial in terms of leads and relationships