physical attractiveness

The long-term relationship between physical attractiveness and success

Dental Care

A case can be made for the recent wave of interest in teeth-enhancing dental treatments. Whether it is Braces Windsor, veneers or professional in-clinic teeth whitening, it can be argued that it has been spurred on by a society where physical aesthetics have become all-important. It is not far off the mark to be of the opinion that in today’s highly-visual society, good looks are currency; for without it, opportunities to be ‘recognised’ are far and few. Success, too, seems to dwindle into oblivion without the existence of a by-product of physical attractiveness; confidence.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, most people use physical attractiveness as a reliable means of determining a person’s personality – at least when first impressions are formed. Physical attractiveness is seen in many ways to be an instrument that determines success, be it socially or professionally. If research is to be believed, and there have been countless studies where good looking people are thought to find life more rewarding than those who are not.

It is a commonly-held belief that attractive people enjoy relatively more perks because of their good looks. This is not so hard to believe when factoring in the wide practice of appearance discrimination in a society where youth and beauty are highly prized and where success is entwined with money and status. One is judged based on one’s looks in the dating world as well as in the world of work.

The payoffs of having a winning smile


A key element in physical attractiveness is a smile that wins hearts. Dental aesthetics has become a new must-have due to its heavy influence in improving one’s appearance. A scientific study initiated by the Oral Health Foundation involved interviewing more than 1,300 adults on how they viewed their smiles and overall dental health. Fifty-five percent of those interviewed reported feeling extremely positive with the look of their smiles and 18 percent expressed a greater affection for their smiles. The same survey drew a strong positive correlation between good dental health and self-confidence.

Much of the life-rewarding experiences linked to physical attractiveness can be laid at the door of confidence.

Attractive and confident individuals are deemed:

  • More likely to be employed, earn more or benefit from job promotion opportunities.
  • More likely to possess sought after personality traits including trustworthiness, intelligent and approachable.
  • More likely to be perceived as enjoying well being – happiness and good health.
  • More likely to succeed in leadership roles.
  • More likely to find an attractive partner.
  • More likely to influence others and win at negotiations.
  • More likely to find favour in an electoral campaign.

Fortunately, when it comes to improving one’s dental appearance, there is much at a patient’s disposal to consider. Thanks to advancements in dental technologies, treatment methods, procedures and products, modern dental practitioners are skilled and equipped to give patients the smiles they have always longed for. At Old Windsor dental clinic, patients have access to high-quality preventive dental care, general dentistry, restorative dental care and cosmetic dentistry to give them picture-perfect aligned teeth.