June 23, 2021


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The Ideal Age for Pups to Attend Dog Boarding and Day cares

Dog Boarding

Sometimes, it might be really hard for you to take care of your pup, given your long working hours and your extensive household work. This is when you start considering the option of signing up your pet at a dog day care or a dog boarding.

If your pup is too small to be sent away, it’s always a task for you to come to terms with the fact that you’re going to have to do it. When it comes some of the best Edmonton pet boarding options, there are always criteria as to what the minimum and maximum age of your furry pet must be.

The Rules

The basic requirement for all dog daycares and boarding is that- your pup must at least be around 12 to 17 months old. There’s a really good reason behind this. These first few weeks are not just crucial in order to train and mould your puppy, but this is also the time when your pup hasn’t developed the full resistance to infections.

Your pup still goes through its vaccination rounds till around 12-16 months. Before this period, he might be more susceptible to catching fatal infections from other dogs at the Edmonton pet boarding.

It is important for your pup to be safe from any disease, which is why the ideal age of sending your puppy to a kennel is after it is 4 months old.

The Benefits

Choosing a dog daycare or boarding can be a really stressful task for new pet parents. The first thing that comes to mind is whether or not you should send your cute little bundle of joy away because of your job. Well, it’s obvious that you need to go and work, but to take your mind off of the possible pitfalls of the separation; here are a few benefits of dog daycares:

• Socializing:

Your pup will be exposed to lots of other dogs instead of growing up alone. This process encourages the pup to become more friendly and adjustable in nature.

• Exercise:

With frequent walks and an unlimited playtime, dogs get loads of activity-based exercise throughout their time at the daycare or boarding. This keeps them active, and not lethargic, paving the way to a healthy future.

• Nutrition:

The pet day care or boarding you choose will ensure that your furry friend is getting healthy and timely nutrition every time he’s at the facility. A good diet really goes a long way when it comes to the formative years of your little buddy.

• Entertainment:

If you leave your pup alone when you’re not around, it can really get him down. Not just does the poor thing get bored, but since dogs are known to be loving creatures, the separation anxiety really bogs them down. In this case, a day care gives it great company and a lot of people and pets to be around!

So as soon as your pup is done with all of his vaccination shots, you can think of signing him up for an excellent pet daycare or boarding, for whenever you need the extra help!

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