Technological Gadgets

Technological Gadgets That Have Been Especially Designed for Students


If you were wondering whether or not technology enthusiasts have contributed enough for educational purposes, then this article will be breath of fresh air for you. Specialized gadgets have been developed for students to make their lives easier. Although there is still a long way to till these gadgets can be made mainstream and easily accessible. But they seem very promising and are one of the surest ways to keep students motivated.

  1. The PUP

With the growth of tablets, print media has already long gone. Now that books are also being replaced by online platforms for reading, it is no surprise that keeping soft copies of documents has become an essential need.

The PUP is an advanced and smart technology that allows you to scan your documents on paper. This can be anything from a drawing, your notes to even pages of books. These scanned papers can be easily stored in other devices or even shared through the PUP.

The PUP is basically designed as a thick pen with a button used for scanning at one end. Once you press it, you can adjust the scanner according to the dimensions of the page that you would like to scan. Then you can choose to share, store or get it printed. It is a very convenient way to manage your soft copy files on the go. Moreover, it a small and compact device that is also portable. It comes with its own light, so you need not worry about the ambience in which you are scanning your documents.

  1. Remarkable

The days of cluttering your work desks with endless notes and thick textbooks are long gone. The times are evolving, and writing on paper has not only become a cumbersome task when it comes to managing several notes, but it is also taking a toll on the environment. Hence, remarkable, as the name suggests is truly a groundbreaking solution to our paper problems; especially if you are disorganized and make a mess out of keeping track of your documents.

It is a tablet that has the capacity to contain anything from books, sketches, notes to anything imaginable that could be done with paper. Only difference is that everything is fixed at one place.

With remarkable you can read without the usual screen glare that you experience on your phones. By getting books in your remarkable tablet, you can also write notes directly on it. You can conveniently write on the screen just as you would on paper; more importantly, you may also rest your hand on the display the strong sensors will easily capture the strokes of your pen only.

  1. Mother Box

The biggest issue that we often face with our phones is running out of battery. The older your phone is, the faster your battery will drain. Especially if you own an iPhone since it is a known fact that they are made to function slower deliberately so that you get them upgraded to the newest version.

If you are someone who is struggling with keeping up your phone charged at all times, then mother Box is the perfect solution for you! It provides convenient wireless charging anywhere on the go. You can simply connect your device and continue using it while the mother Box charges it. Backed by years of research, it is definitely a convenient way of charging your phone without the hassle of carrying a power bank or your charger. Enjoy a wireless charging experience and never worry about finding a plug anymore!

  1. Muzo

This certainly is one of the trailblazing technological advancements that has been mostly talked about in movies in a surrealistic manner. But now it can actually come into play with Muzo. The idea is to block out sounds that could be distracting for you. The device is designed in a manner that it can be attached to any surface. It works by absorbing sound vibrations and reducing their impact by transforming them into low impact sounds that cannot be heard within the human range.

Moreover, it is a perfect tool for keeping your conversations private at busy places as well; simply by amount UP the decibels emitted by the Muzo device – your conversations cannot be heard within the radius. It sounds rather unrealistic but has certainly been the device everyone has been waiting for. Especially if you a student who is studying in noisy environments, like your friends partying in the room next to yours, rowdy dorm members who love playing their music at full volume or simply distracting, heavy traffic sounds. Now you can easily work in a closed, noise free environment without having to make those tedious and long trips to the library!

Technology has been steadily advancing to make our lives easier; one of the prominent shifts we have experienced is the digitization of everything. We have gone straight from print to screens. In fact, most people do not even feel the need to buy an alarm clock or calendar since they already have it in their phones. Hence, this massive replacement has allowed our lives to not only be easier but completely transform into another dimension.

Throughout all of this, we have a pressing need to teach the newer generation more about basic coding and programming. These gadgets are already dominating a huge part of our lives; they will inevitably supersede to great limits in the near future. One must not only be aware of how to use these, but they should know how exactly the stuff programs and functions. Quite fortunately some institutions have realized this pressing need and have incorporated short courses to help students learn the basics of programming.

But most students are still lagging behind. Having technological advancements being incorporated in classrooms is a good thing, but sadly the fundamentals of coding have not been paid enough attention; even students pursuing degrees in this field tend to take help from dissertation help UK. One must take the education of coding and programming more seriously if we want to keep up with the pace of the current technological advancement and not only blindly keep adapting whatever is available on the market.