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Southampton Dental Implant Procedure and What You can Expect

Dental Implant Procedure

When you decide to undertake oral implants to improve your smile’s appearance, you may have some questions about the procedure that is going to be performed.

After all, most people know what a basic dental check-up involves, but cosmetic work is well, cosmetic, and probably involves an entirely different set of materials, tests and aftercare.

Luckily, whether you are having a single tooth replaced or have chosen to go with a new set of overdentures, the procedures for fitting the implants are not that different.

So, let’s break down the treatment procedure into a rough overview of what you can expect.

The consultation

When you have settled on the idea of getting oral implants, many dental surgeries will offer you a free consultation.

This is so the dentist can assess your suitability for the procedure, ask questions about your lifestyle and general health and ask you the essential question of how you want your teeth to look once the implants have been fitted. You will also have an X-ray and photos will be taken of your teeth and mouth.

This is also an opportune moment to ask the dentist any questions you may have about sedation, aftercare and time scale.

Planning the treatment

A lot like a formal chat, this involves discussing things like costs, timescales and offers your dentist another opportunity to conduct further tests, such as a 3D scan and to check for any cavities or issues with your gum line.

Placing your implant

The big day!

This part is relatively straightforward and will be performed under either local anaesthetic or with you sedated.

A small incision will be made into your gum line and then a small hole will be drilled. Once your implant (or implants) are fitted, the gum is closed with self-dissolving stitches.

You will have to wait a few months to ensure that the metal screw implant is not rejected by your jawbone and to ascertain likelihood of it coming loose. However, once your dentist has confirmed that it is securely placed, you will then either have a crown, a bridge or over dentures fitted. If you are opting for over dentures or bridges, you may require up to 8 implants to secure the prosthesis.


dental hygienist

Now you have that gleaming, gap free smile, you must look after it. It is recommended that you see a dental hygienist regularly, so they can assess the condition of your gums and implants.

Remember, if you fail to look after your implants, you run the risk of developing gum disease, which can cause your implants to fail. However, maintenance of oral implants is easy and assuming that you brush, floss and rinse them daily and visit your dentist and dental hygienist, they should last a lifetime.

Undergoing any cosmetic work is a huge step and if you have any concerns about having implants fitted, it is advised that you discuss these with a dentist prior to treatment.



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