Short and Long Term Effects of Roof Neglect

Short and Long Term Effects of Roof Neglect

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A household’s most crucial feature is its roofing since it serves as the first line of defense against the UV rays, snow, rainfall, and winds while also regulating the temperature indoors. Without a roof, a homeowner’s properties and equipment would receive damage from the elements. After years of providing protection, your roof would deteriorate over time.

Maintaining one’s roofing tend to be the last thing on a person’s mind even when undergoing upgrades on the property. The delayed repairs produce both short and long-term negative effects.

Some of the short-term problems found in a neglected roof include leakages, increased energy bills, mold and mildew infestations, and animal and pest intrusions. Long-term structural issues, however, include severe water damage, decreased property value, and costly repairs.

Short-term effects eventually lead to long-term ones when left alone, even when the problem is apparent. Water leaks are minor damages that can be repaired easily by plugging or sealing the holes, but leaving them alone can eventually result in severe damages that would require costly repairs or total roof replacement.

Having water leaks means having holes in the roof that can affect the home’s insulation. The cold or warm air generated from either air conditioner or heater would escape easily from these holes, resulting in the necessity of more energy to heat up or cool down a home’s interior. The damages to the insulation lead to increased energy bills by maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors.

Damaged insulation due to water damage leads to mold and mildew infestations, which become dangerous to a home’s occupants. Molds and mildew tend to grow from wet insulation, roof layers, and clogged gutters, which then lead to allergic reactions and asthma symptoms.

Damaged roofs can also start infestations from animals and pests, depending on the damage sustained. Rats, mice, insects, and squirrels can inhabit your roof, resulting in more damages in the long run. These pests can also sometimes cause fires.

For long-term negative effects, the water leaks that became severe can result in the ceilings becoming saggy and potentially leading to their collapse. The accumulated damages also decrease the home’s property value since a house with molds, mildew, leaks, and the musty smell would be less desirable for other people. Repairing a roof with too many adverse effects of neglect would also be costly for the homeowners.

For detailed information on both the short and long-term effects of roof neglect, see this infographic by Fahey Roofing Contractors.

Effects of Neglecting Your Roof