SAP Leonardo: The Ultimate Smart Enterprise Solution

With data centering the stage for operations across multiple levels in the current business scenario, it becomes tedious for large-scale organizations to handle terabytes of data generated every day. Majorly, such organizations fail to use the secured data constructively and make intelligent decisions.

Talking of such complexities in operations, SAP Leonardo is one such effective tool that allows enterprises to resolve all of their operational complexities with ease. However, that’s not the only limitation of the SAP-based platform, as it is designed to deliver functionalities beyond data analysis.

Wondering what they are? Let’s find out…

What are SAP Based Design Thinking Methodologies?

SAP Leonardo solutions are available for different industries based on their requirements and goals. For proper effective implementation of SAP Leonardo, an organization requires a reliable design and thinking process. This way, the platform can function smoothly and remains closely connected with its ability to identify its flaws and drawbacks and then work on those.

The proper order of steps for this process are mentioned below:

  • Explore: In this phase, a complete study and analysis of the enterprise’s current condition are done, and an idea is gathered on the business and commercial aspect of the company. Besides the analytical aspects of operations, Leonardo also aids further market analysis and risk identifications secure future results.
  • Discover: This step aims to identify the primary points and the drawbacks that need to be addressed to have a proper working setup. This mainly depends on considering the demands of the client and trying to achieve those.
  • Deliver: A ‘Proof of Concept’ is created for the prototype and the artefacts before giving it to the client. Further, a design blueprint is also maintained for the customer’s landscape value assessment.

What makes the Core of SAP Leonardo so Strong?

  • Big Data and Data Analytics: Gathering the data, followed by analysis and securing results, is a big task that enterprises and companies have to do daily. Companies produce mainly two types of data, namely structured and unstructured data. Structured data is like the data generated from purchase orders and bank statements. On the other hand, unstructured data is gathered from sensors connected to IoT devices.

Data analysis is a tedious and time-consuming process, and SAP Leonardo helps this by automating the entire analysis process. The secured data can later be applied to different industrial sectors like finance, accounts, marketing, transportation, etc. SAP’s analytic tool, SAP Analytics Hub, is a part of SAP Leonardo, which provides an interactive interface to ask performance-related questions and get the answers almost instantly.

  • Machine Learning: This forms the foundation of Artificial Intelligence and gives power to the computer program to assess the conditions and react accordingly. SAP provides over 90 machine learning algorithms for performing actions on both supervised and unsupervised learning models.

SAP Leonardo adds to this by adding the power of the cloud so that the machine learning platform can be developed in an open-source medium. Data sets that are not physically available can also be used for training these models.

  • Blockchain: This is one of the most influential technologies in the SAP Leonardo system because of its open ledger system. Its ability to maintain transparency helps the enterprise create trust among business partners. Another feature of blockchain is its irreversible nature, which prevents any fraud or illegal transactions from the company.

SAP provides blockchain facilities to the company for specific applications in the finance and supply chain services. The SAP blockchain servicehelps in company extensions and foundational services.

  • IoT (Internet of Things): SAP Leonardo has provisions for IoT applications that help in integration with the existing SAP framework. These apps collect data from the different sensors strategically placed all over the industrial plant, and data is collected regularly. These data are sent to the application via the SAP Cloud Platform, where all the analytical work occurs without any human interference.

SAP Leonardo Consulting Services:

Not every company is equipped with the expertise required to use a new product to its full potential. That is where consultation agencies equipped with industry-specific standards come in. These specialists help enterprises select the features and products that will provide the desired result that the enterprises are wishing for.


SAP Leonardo is an overall solution for the complete automation of different critical activities in the industry. It is used in situations like maintaining records and ledgers, importing and analyzing large amounts of data, monitoring the functioning of the entire company via IoT, and making sure human labor requirements are reduced due to advanced automation features.

Many people consider SAP Leonardo to be a product, but it is a powerful technology that helps intelligent enterprises.