May 11, 2021


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Reasons Good Lighting is so Important in the Hospitality Industry

Reasons Good Lighting is so Important in the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality business, first impressions and a welcoming atmosphere are what counts the most. That’s why it has become increasingly important to pay attention to the smallest details which could influence the guest’s mood and satisfaction with your hotel, hostel or the apartment you rent on Airbnb. Interestingly, research has shown that the majority of customers who leave negative feedback on travelling and lodging websites tend to emphasize poor and low-quality lighting when rating the spots they’ve visited. In order to help you raise awareness about this issue and help business owners improve their accommodation ratings, we have singled out the top reasons why good lighting is so important in the hospitality industry. Let’s take a look.

A great first impression 

A great first impression 

First things first, when we talk about how to create the ideal customer experience, we need to keep in mind where it all starts – the exterior. By applying the proper lighting and visual effects that will emphasize and enhance the architectural design of their property, owners can achieve an amazing first impression. Additionally, this will not only have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the building, but can help you efficiently attract a larger number of guests who are now excited to see the interior of your hotel and stay the night. Keep in mind, when investing in outdoor lighting systems, make sure that they’re automated and consisting of hidden flood lights, bollards and strip lights that can illuminate the surrounding greenery, water features and the façade.

Lobby lighting imperatives

Lobby lighting imperatives

Once your guests have entered your hostel or an Airbnb apartment, they will have to spend an amount of time in the lobby, so it’s crucial not to overlook this part of the premises while arranging the lighting plan. Here, you can introduce floor and step lights, wall sconces and table lamps which will add an inviting feel to the space. Furthermore, in combination with natural sunlight, these lighting solutions can efficiently create the perfect appealing environment. On top of that, installing dimmer switches can help you regulate the brightness and the overall mood in the lobby during the course of the day. Lastly, a key factor here is also the use of proper LED light bulbs in order to promote a healthier vibe which won’t cause headaches or eyestrain for the guests.

Dining areas and event hosting spots

In the hospitality business, spaces that rely on high-quality lighting solutions are most definitely restaurants and special event venues. Restaurants mainly depend on focused pendant lights which illuminate each table separately, while hosting venues require more flexible alternatives since every event is planned differently and the seating arrangements are never the same. Moreover, this is another area where using LED lights might be a good choice. Since those areas are quite “active” most of the time, using LEDs there can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Plus, LED lights are very versatile. They can be as modern or as traditional as you want them to be, you just have to choose the right style. Speaking of style, if you’re looking for inspiration or perhaps a bit more information, some of the latest trends in the segment of LED lighting will be presented at a renowned exhibition on the Light Building fair in Germany in September. Modern LED design is also a good way to attract more guests – and inspire them to come back – by showing them your eco-friendly attitude, as they are bound to notice and appreciate the lights while dining.

Bedroom illumination

When it comes to illuminating the bedrooms in accommodation establishments, the main priority is to evoke a familiar homey feeling by incorporating the most contemporary lighting design features. This can be achieved through a combination of ambient lighting elements. To begin with, there should always be table lamps on the nightstands. For a sophisticated and elegant touch, you can add beige wall lights. It’s also wise to use one large diffuse ceiling light that doesn’t create strong shadows during the evening, but instead adds a pleasant shine to tie the whole room together. Lastly, some of your guests could require nightlights, so don’t forget to install a couple in the room to show how conscientious you are to customer needs.

Bathroom lighting 

In the hospitality business, even bathrooms need to have adequate lighting in order to assure the highest customer satisfaction rate. Bare light bulbs may not have bothered you, but now that you’re renting your apartment on Airbnb, you’ll have to do something about them immediately. If the rest of the rooms are designed in a traditional manner, you can go for a petite chandelier and matching wall fixtures for a subtler touch and a strong statement of class. For a Scandinavian minimalistic look, you can go for silver or gold light sconces to compliment large mirrors that will open up the room. Furthermore, if the whole space is designed according to a chic industrial look you can go for wall-operated standing lamps to emphasize the rawness of this arrangement. Finally, for the eclectic bathroom design, you can opt for crystal fixtures which will take everyone’s breath away and give the space a wonderful timeless personality.

Fitness areas 

Last but not least, one more important part of the hospitality industry that heavily depends on adequate lighting are fitness centers. Here, athletes and workout enthusiasts rely on a certain type and amount of focused, durable lighting which meets the highest standards. Additionally, as we all know, the color of the lights can also significantly influence one’s stamina, performance and focus, so it vital to invest in yellow or orange LEDs for high-intensity classes like aerobics or CrossFit. Not only do these lights positively affect the mood and energy of the individuals working out in these classes, but are paramount for their safety as well. On the other hand, one can also encounter Pilates and yoga classes being held at these spots where ambient lighting plays an important role. The practitioners of these exercises prefer calming blue LEDs which stimulate and soothe their minds and help them be in a constant positive mood. And of course, the most energetic and active group in a fitness center is the stationary cycling one which requires dynamic and colorful lighting to match the upbeat music and tempo of their routines.

As we can see, finding the perfect lighting options for your hospitality business doesn’t have to be such an impossible feat after all. All that’s required is to keep customer satisfaction as your number one goal, never hesitate to call upon skilled professionals for help and to welcome bald lighting design choices which will make your business stand out from the crowd and succeed. Good luck with your redesign project.