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Preparations for Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an extremely complex procedure and can take months to be fully completed, as there needs to be significant healing time between each stage of the implant. As this is such a long process, there needs to be a series of tests to make sure you are eligible for such a complicated process. Most dental practices will want to ensure that they can administer the treatment as safely and as effectively as possible.

Initial Screening

Firstly, the dentist will consult with you about any concerns you may have and assess whether implants may be your best option. Many people may decide that other dental treatment such as dentures or bridges are their best option, as dental implants can be expensive and arduous. High Dental Implants Melbourne will carry out initial consultations such as this, to ensure maximum safety and suitability.

Initial Testing

There will be some initial tests before you can begin to receive dental implant treatment. Firstly, a full medical history will need to be provided in order to carry out the procedure, as your dentist will need to make sure that you have no outstanding medical conditions. Secondly, an intraoral examination will be carried out to make sure that your mouth has the correct conditions to perform the treatment. X-rays and CT scans may also need to be taken, in order to get a better view of your dental condition. This can often be done on the same site as you are receiving your dental implants.

Full Plan

Your dental implant treatment will also be preceded by a report and a full treatment plan, so you know exactly the procedures and cost that will be required to complete the treatment. Most dentist practices will want to be completely transparent about the process, and make sure that there are no surprises or unknown risks to your oral health.

Are Dental Implants Expensive? 

Dental implants can be expensive, however there are many benefits to dental implants that make them extremely good value for money. Firstly, not all teeth need to be replaced with dental implants, and it is very rare for multiple implants to be needed. As many as two implants can be inserted to replace an entire row of teeth, and as little as four mean that all-on-four treatment can be carried out. Therefore, dental implants can serve as a permanent basis to other treatment. Also, due to the durability of dental implants, it is unlikely that a replacement will ever be needed.

There is also a decreased risk of having to return to the dentist, as a dental implant is an extremely strong foundation for your false tooth or teeth, in many ways, stronger than the original. This means that with proper dental hygiene, there will be very little risk of the tooth wearing, and your dental implant should last for life. Therefore, while the implant may be expensive upfront, it is a long-term investment, and should save you money on further dental care in the future.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.



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