Pregnancy and Oral Health

Pregnancy and Oral Health: All that You Need to Know

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Pregnancy is womanhood’s most essential and beautiful time. The entire focus of any ‘mother-to-be’ spins around, taking good care of self and the growing fetus. A ‘to-be-mother’ is immediately attentive to any complications, which rises while being pregnant.They should take immense care both physically and orally. A reasonable gestation period demands good dental health.

During the gestation period, any sort of oral cavity formation asks for extra care. The mother should be vigilant in her oral health. She should take the extra initiative by taking precautionary measures against any health complications during her pregnancy. Moreover, she should be extra careful during her postnatal period. Read below the various vital aspects that you need to know related to oral health during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and underlying oral health problems

● Morning sickness

When the gestation period is on, the morning sickness takes place quite often. It happens due to a sudden increase in hormonal levels & Metabolic transformations. The statistical report of various research associations claim that around 65% to 70% of expecting moms fall prey to morning sickness. In some time, the gums start to become soft. With further vomiting, the gums swell with redness in it.

Moreover, morning sickness leads to acid formation in the stomach, which leads to foul breath. This later results in the softening of the tooth enamel, as well as tooth degeneration at a rapid pace.  Avoid brushing your white, once you have vomited. It harms the tooth enamel profusely. And, the tooth’s topmost layer erodes at a fast pace.

Morning sickness

●  Pregnancy gingivitis

Pregnancy gingivitis, or simply Gingivitis, is a widespread tooth ailment faced by the to-be-moms. The plaque formation results in gum inflammation, swelling, and redness of the gums. Bacteria start growing in between the affected areas. It later turns into a severe oral cavity. Pregnancy gingivitis takes place due to poor dental hygiene. Body hormonal level rises and never remains stable during the entire gestation period, which increases bacterial growth and plaque formation.

Periodontitis takes place when the condition worsens. A pregnant woman has to take-in a regular antibiotic dosage. It cures further occurrence of Gingivitis. And, if the same aggravates, she should consult a dental good and proficient dental surgeon for surgery! A pregnant woman should remain attentive, all-through her second and third trimester, and should follow oral hygiene religiously. Proper brushing and flossing should be a must in their dental regime daily.

● The occurrence of oral tumors

Granuloma of pregnancy, pyogenic granuloma, or lobular capillary haemangioma, are some scientific terms for oral tumors. These tumorous growths are common during the gestation period — small, soft, and berry-like tiny red eruptions inside the gums. Around 15% to 20% of pregnant women are severely affected by the same. During the onset of gestational Gingivitis, commonly seen is a dental ailment.

A pregnant woman is profoundly affected by this ailment during her second trimester. The regular deposit of food particles leads to dental plaque and oral inflammation. According to the dentists, this is not a severe ailment. Once the baby is born, the tumorous growth dissolves slowly. It is not harmful nor malignant. But then, it is always recommended to be very cautious.  

Expecting mother and the baby’s health

Expecting mother and the baby’s health

Poor oral health of any expecting mother leads to bacterial growth and mouth ulcers. Plaque starts growing if neglected for a long time. With the constant accumulation of tartar, various oral issues like bad breath, swelling of gums, persistent redness take place. Failure is taking the precautionary measures to lead to the early occurrence of ‘periodontitis.’ It is very infectious and spreads fast inside the body. It thus harms the fetus severely. With the spreading of infection at a fast pace, along with the growing bacterial flora, it results in cytokines, prostaglandins, and other related development of oral diseases. In some rare cases, this severe infection leads to premature labor. Periodontitis associates itself with defective baby birth. The baby is born, weighing very less.

Pregnancy and oral health plan

An expecting mother should keep a check on their dental health. She should regularly visit her dental doctor, and follow the instructions religiously. Before conceiving, if you are planning for the same, discuss it with your dentist. At an initial stage, get along well, implying the curative measures. Go in for detailed research over the ‘painless dentistry near me’ and visit one for effective symptom management. These clinics have a friendly nature and cooperating attitude. The co-operative team of dental doctors is ever ready to assist you. Take your time to discuss the various nuances which you might face during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy and oral health plan

The dental cavity has many adverse effects on pregnancy. Good oral health directs towards an optimistic pregnancy and birth of healthy babies. Take stoic decision over visiting the dentist, and follow their given dental precautions generously daily. Read below the add-ons of oral care, to experience a safe pregnancy.

  • Quit smoking – Too much smoking affects the teeth enamel and results in the growth of dental diseases. It also negatively harms the growth of the fetus.
  • Avoid too many sweets – Try to curb your sweet intake. Too much sweets results in plaque formation and affects the tooth enamel. Various kinds of dental infections take place, which later affects pregnancy.
  • Stop intake of oily food – Too much greasy food forms acid inside the stomach. It results in early-morning sickness. Re-occurrence of this results in the soft and tender condition of the gums and foul breath. Early-morning illness also occurs in too much foul
  • Sleep regularly for 8-10 hours – During your gestation period, a proper amount of sleep is always The body muscles relax, along with the dental tissues.
  • Be vigilant over your dental health – Follow the dental precautionary measures, as prescribed by your dental doctor. Be careful not allowing any sort of infection affects your pearly whites.
  • Regularly take calcium supplements – Calcium supplements help in the formation of healthy bones, physically, and orally. During pregnancy, many things weaken the teeth. Frequently include calcium tablets or supplements in your diet, for better tooth condition.

Be a sensible achiever of proper oral health. Gift your baby and yourself the right health, physically, as well as orally. Always be healthy you!