May 11, 2021


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Play Fantasy Cricket: Complete set of rules on how to play the cricket game & Win Money

Play fantasy cricket

Whether you aspire to earn some money and recognition, prove a point about your cricketing awareness or simply fill time, fantasy cricket may exceed your expectations. This is a virtual sport treating you with a gripping format, enticing rewards and a great self-indulgent time. Here, you select a virtual playing 11 for a real match played by real players on real grounds with a fixed budget and wait for the match to end. You earn points and a position on the leader board for your selected players’ on-field performance. And if you outrank all fellow users, lucrative cash prizes come your way legally, safely and swiftly. Like every other sport, the fantasy cricket also operates with a set of rules that should be known to the aspiring fantasy leaguer in you.


In fantasy cricket terminology, the host is a website running fantasy cricket contests. The host is the cornerstone for the fantasy cricket experience, offering playing avenues, credits to buy team members and befitting cash rewards to the top rankers on the leader board. You are required to decide on a particular host from over 60 options currently available to kick-start and sustain your fantasy cricket journey. Although the format across all hosts remains more or less similar, certain aspects may vary from one to the other. Usually, top websites provide details on how to play fantasy cricket and related rules, which should be read before signing in.


Finding a host is not sufficient, as you need to get registered at it as well. The registration process is generally simple, time-efficient and free. Just provide your name, phone number, email and other personal details – you are sorted in a matter of seconds.


Credits are your money in fantasy cricket. The host will give you 100 credits for each match and ask you to create your team within the allotted budget. The idea is to bring excitement and ingenuity into team selections and spice up things a little bit more.


When playing fantasy league cricket, team formations have to be kept in perspective. Depending on the website you play at, the team needs to be comprised of a certain number of batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeeper and all-rounders. The host may offer you two or more formation packages where the number of constituents may vary. For instance, one package requires you to pick 5 batsmen, 3 bowlers, 1 wicket keeper and 3 all-rounders while the other may mandate 4 batsmen, 4 bowlers, 2 all-rounders and 1 wicket keeper.

Free Contests and Cash Contests:

Any credible host offers you the option to choose between a free contest and a cash contest. In the former arrangement, which is a friendlier one, you need not to pay a single penny while the latter involves a fee. Free contest is devoid of any cash rewards while cash contest keeps you in the hunt for a big payday, provided you are impeccable with your team selection.


Fantasy cricket is a mass sport, available for everyone. Apparently, the fees are always modest while the prize money can be huge, even tens of thousands of times more than the investment. For more information, visit the how to play fantasy cricket section of your host website.