May 11, 2021


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Payroll Software: Growth Hack Your Organization With Millennial Technology

Payroll Software

Technology is like a boon when considering its benefits. Today technology has been an integral part of almost everything including the organizational management system. The systems are no more standalone and restricted to particular devices. Companies are now getting more aware of the benefits of using technology in human resource management and payroll processing due to the need for optimization and automation. It is not preferable to use the outdated system as they are likely to do more harm to the company than benefit it. The need to keep the company adapted with the latest technology has escalated the requirement of software for human resource management. The employer is getting acknowledged about the need to be more efficient by reducing the repetitive task and nurture the employee’s potential for the growth of the organization. Technology also has a lot to contribute to the organization growth let us see how.

AI in Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is the crucial process as the talent acquired will contribute to the growth and upscaling of the organization; not all the individual even with the knowledge may be fit for the job. While fetching out the resume of the individual who seems to satisfy the requirement, it is possible that HR may miss out a resume. It can be an unintentional loss for the organization due to a lack of skilled employee. There may be questions popping in your mind, how AI is helpful in talent acquisition? Your HR can leave the task of resume screening in the system as AI makes the system capable of fetching out the employee who is best suited to the requirements of the post, the employer can optimize the criteria to fetch the best resume in the system. It eliminates the time consumption of HR in resume screening and improvises the process to get the best results. the HR then have to conduct the personal interview to select the best out of the fetched resumes.

Cloud Technology for Easy Accessibility

Till the introduction of cloud technology, the data was stored in stand-alone systems. The employer, employee, and HR were restricted to use the data from those stand-alone systems. Those systems were not efficient as they were incapable of fetching the real-time data and also of easy foundation in data. The data is fetched into the system manually; hence it is prone to human errors; this data is not preferable for effective planning and policy-making or updation. Cloud technology is here to rescue you from the web of limitation and chaos. Cloud technology makes it feasible for employees to access their data without time and place boundaries. It has also simplified the work of HR as the employee self-service portal which is provided to the employee which make them efficient to self on board themselves, download various reports and even get the assistance of the queries.

It creates transparency in the company as employees can quickly know the current status of their application form ESS; they can also notify the manager of change in their data. The employer does not have to worry about the compliance as the cloud technology makes it feasible for the vendor to give their clients auto compliant software. The vendor keeps track of the change in the government statutory regulation and in case of updating they can directly modify the regulation in their system and due to cloud technology this modification will be reflected in all the software provided by the vendor.

Chatbots for assistance

Bots are the newest evolution of the technology; they are said to replace humans for some of the repetitive tasks and save much of the company’s money. HR’s most frustrating task is resolving the queries of employees. They need HR’s intervention in many tasks due to inadequate knowledge of the system or process. HR amid the other functions have to assist the employees. Some companies have a person to help employees with their queries and difficulties. It is an extra expense for the company, by eliminating it the company can have more investment for the development strategies. payroll software comes with a chatbot which can be trained due to facilitated artificial intelligent to assist the employees; the chatbot is fed with the frequently asked queries of the employees and their solution to support the employees instantly and any time. Chatbot also collects the data of the questions asked by the employee for better analysis of the manager to optimize the employee assistance. It eliminates a lot of HR intervention in laborious tasks.