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Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights

For almost all the different types of festive and Christmas lights that you can but, you can split them into two distinct categories: indoor and outdoor lights.

Whether you’re looking for solar Christmas lights or LED lights for the outside of your house or garden, read on to find out more.

In general, outdoor Christmas lighting can range from very simple and subtle fairy lighting in your back garden which wouldn’t be visible to the public, through to crazy and extroverted public displays in your front garden.

The latter have jumped over the Atlantic in recent years and the sight of street-wide festive lighting ‘competitions’ between neighbours are becoming a more common site, with certain areas of many towns being renowned for their displays.

Christmas outside lighting can also come in both functional and decorative forms. The functional lights being used to actually illuminate certain areas whilst still being festive in nature and the decorative form of lighting are those that you would look at as form of display themselves.

Solar Christmas Lights

The idea of solar Christmas lighting might seem slightly strange as, particularly in the northern hemisphere and the UK, Christmas time isn’t exactly associated with having the longest and brightest of daylight hours.

However, it might be a surprise to some people that even during these winter months and particularly during the festive period, there is more than enough light to recharge solar lighting during the day.

This then gives you all the benefits of solar lighting such as ecological peace of mind, weather proof lighting enclosures and the ability to locate the lights away from a conventional power source.

Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

Led lights are another popular type of lighting for use at Christmas time and throughout the winter months.

LED lighting is well-known for its lower energy consumption — something that may be useful in keeping the electricity bill down at an expensive time of the year.

LED lights can also be incorporated with solar lights, as talked about above, but most commonly, they’re of the traditional wired variety and come in a huge range of types.

Most of the outdoor LED lights that you may have noticed at Christmas were probably of the string variety, but if this is s type of light that you are interested in, then you should certainly take a look at some of the online stores out there (such as Thewisy.com, because their range of LED lighting might actually surprise you in terms of how many different types are available.

Cheap Outdoor Christmas Lighting

If you’re looking for a bargain and are trying to find cheap lights or sale items, then our recommendation has to be shopping online at a dedicated store.

The problem with shopping for outdoor lights that are specifically targeted towards Christmas time is that they are seasonal products and therefore there are a number of problems with shopping on the high-street. These include:

  • Shops can’t be sure that they will sell all their products, therefore they have to keep a minimal range of items in store leaving you with little variety
  • The stores can’t afford to have stock left at the end of the festive period as this would cost them a lot of money, which means they are likely to buy on the safe (low) side and you might find that this reduces your chances of even finding the appropriate lights in stock

These shops aren’t dedicated to selling Christmas lights so it means they can’t benefit from buying in bulk like dedicated online retailers can, which is passed on to you as extra expense.



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