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5 Outdated Home Decorating Trends to Leave Behind in 2020

Outdated Home Decorating Trends

Home decor is something widely discussed upon, year after year. Each year brings its own new trends and opinions on how your home should look like. Instead of finding new things to obsess over in 2020, let’s reflect on the outdated home decorating trends that should definitely be left behind. These trends simply shouldn’t have a place in your life or home anymore, as they ruin the otherwise beautiful composition you have created. Avoiding them will bring the beauty of your home to the next level, as well as completely modernize it.

1. Macramé

It seems macramé is on every possible Instagram page nowadays. Combined with the Jungalow trend, it’s a callback to the seventies, to accessories that are all about rope and knots. Things like hanging planters and chairs from rope have been all the rage recently, a resurgence from the seventies. 

The problem is – not everybody can pull this off. Sure, adding some extra texture to your space means a lot, but these things are absolute dust magnets. Furthermore, you can always add texture through cushions, rugs, maybe some new materials. But when it all comes down to it, macramé’s time has passed.

2. Barn doors

It seems that with the rise of rustic farmhouse designs, every home had some kind of sliding barn door. Many home designers are sick of this style, and with good reason. It’s clunky, it’s expensive, and unless you intend to get your entire home in a kind of rustic style, it’s going to stand out like a sore thumb. 

Invigorated by cheap TV shows that seem to shove this type of door down our throats as a cheap way to add “character“ to your home, these kinds of doors have no place in modern homes. If you really want to save up on some space, get sliding pocket doors, just to give you one example.

3. Concrete floors

How on earth did this come about? Sure, it was a darling of the design world, in the same way, some architects like brutalism. Cold, sterile, no personality (unless that personality is one of Cruela De Ville), concrete floors should die out with a whimper or a bang, it doesn’t matter. Sure, they are simple to care for, they are pretty durable, but you can get the same effects with a bit more soul and with a bit less cash.

4. Not paying attention to the home exterior

Have you ever noticed how almost all home decorating trends are focused on the interior of the home? This results in numerous homes having extraordinary interior design but a decaying exterior. The outside of your home needs some love, too. The most neglected part of the exterior of the house is coincidentally the most important one- the roof.

Without replacing the roof slates after years of wear and tear, you risk your home being exposed to various outside elements. In countries like Australia where the weather is nothing short of extreme, professional slate roofing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and all other major cities is even more important. Not only that, but a roof that hasn’t been cleaned or maintained for a while is the first thing that you notice on a house, thus also taking a toll on your aesthetic appeal. That’s just another reason to opt for slate roofing in your area.

5. No more brass

Yes, we said it – no more brass. It made huge booms years ago, it was everywhere. Brass replaced nickel finishes, it had this sort of elegance and old-timey style that made your home pop. Mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms, brass was a call back to the forties and fifties. Usually accompanied by art deco designs and intricate spreads, there was a good reason why they got so popular when it did. 

However – enough is enough. This trend is everywhere, it’s not anything special anymore, it’s becoming tacky and boring. So, please, say bye-bye to brass, and say hello to something that isn’t so overused. Home decor has developed many times over up to now so you have plenty of more modern alternatives.


As you can see, these outdated home decorating trends truly belong in the past. Your house will do much better without them. Simply forget that they ever existed and move on to the current year. You’ll find your home is much more tasteful and elegant with these trends left out from the design. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with your home all over again soon enough.



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