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Node.js is becoming popular, and the majority of web developers consider this technology as the future of real-time web apps. It stands out among all other web applications available today. This technology comes with a unique ability in terms of gathering data from many sources and consolidating it and pushing it to real-time clients.

Zeolearn offers many courses in the latest technologies, and includes a course on Node.js as well. Industry experts lead the course. There is a guarantee that the professional trainers will help students to raise their skill level to match the demands of the industry. Node.js is an amazing technology available for web applications and by joining Node.js course students will be able to explore this technology.

Along with learning basic and advanced skills in this technology, students will learn to build actual applications using it, so that all the candidates are prepared to face the job market. Along with the intensive training, students are given study materials without any extra cost.

Node.js Course

In the Node JS training, students will learn:

  • Building scalable, lightweight, and fast network applications
  • They will learn to use modules, stream, events, and all other advanced technology related to web applications
  • They learn the concepts which are needed to communicate with the database and trainers will train them to build highly advanced network applications using concepts in Node.js
  • Testing and debugging applications created in Node.js


For this course on Node.js, it is better to have experience in development of applications using any programing language. Working knowledge of JavaScript is really helpful for this course. If the candidate is aware of server technologies like .NET, J2EE, and Ruby will be added advantage but this is not mandatory.

The Node JS course is best suited for students, web designers, web developers, and even for project managers who are interested to learn building applications in Node.js. Even entrepreneurs can enrol in this course and learn Node.js and see some growth in their career.

Why Node.js?

In recent years Node.js technology is slowly and steadily gaining popularity among web application platforms. Because of its high flexibility and usability, many companies have started adopting this technology all over the world. When it comes to real-time and multi-user web applications, Node.js is the best choice since it is efficient, fast, and it promotes concurrent connections.

The course on Node.js offered by Zeolearn academy concentrates on providing one- to one training, and it involves practical sessions for a better understanding of the technology. With the support of best trainers with industry experience, the candidate will start building robust applications which are efficient and superior. Students are involved in assignments for a better understanding of the technology along with living classroom sessions.

Modes of course:

There are mainly 4 types of courses.

  • Instructor-led online classroom
  • Classroom training which is also led by instructors
  • There is one- to- one training which is exclusively customised based on the candidate’s demands
  • Another one is corporate or team training on Node.js which is best suitable for up- skill the team

If a candidate is looking out for courses in Node.js, this institute is the right place. It is suitable for fresher as well as for the professionals who want to build a career in Node.js.