April 20, 2021


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10 Network Cabling Mistakes You Must Avoid-Structured Cabling

Network Cabling Mistakes

Dallas, Texas is renowned for its technological advancements and thus it offers an array of technological services, one such service is the cabling, but businesses should attentively choose an explicit one considering their requirements and budget.

Cabling offers such a wide range of technologies but choosing meticulous one is a challenge. Structured cabling is a complex process, therefore,  businesses should choose wisely, an ideal structured cabling company in Dallas should provide cabling installations that support new office setups as well as future scalability. A few small mistakes can leave you in the middle of an unconventional situation in the future.

#1 Look for future-proof cabling

CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 7 may be expensive cabling, but future scalability is a matter of concern. Saving the cost for the present might cost more in the future, therefore, it is advisable to not by less than CAT 5e cabling. It is wise to consider future needs in mind as labor is much more expensive than good quality cables serving applications with good memory and high speed.

#2 Ponder distance limitation

Ponder distance limitation

Possess distance limitations while running cabling. TIA/EIT offers 100 meters as maximum patch leads. Imagine if you are running a data and it needs to travel farther over assorted patch Leeds. Choose the cabling standard depending upon your requirements. Be cautious of the distance limitations of the cabling you are intended to use from a structured cabling company in Dallas. If you run 10 Gbps for a distance limitation of 100 meters using twisted-pair cable then you’ll be requiring a good quality cable or maybe CAT 6A.

#3 Do not neglect cabling laws/codes/ordinances

Most often we intend to avoid laws and ordinances in order to save time and money. Offenses to laws can lead to the imposition of heavy fines and it becomes even worse when they are dangerous. Laws and codes are formed for once own safety, it should be followed rigidly. For example, PVC-jacketed cable is cautious to use in roof/crawl spaces, It is dangerous when burnt.

#4 Do not economize on the cable


Sometimes saving costs could backfire in the future. Cables hold all the devices of the business, penny-pinching for cables is a route of making all the working devices baseless. And when there would be requirement resources unforeseen curb would occur. Saving costs for a few cables is of no sense. A well-designed network is concerned with the needs of today and that of tomorrow.

#5 Use a single cable for both Data and voice

Earlier voice cabling was not frequently used thus a single cable wire was used for voice and expensive wires were used for Data. cabling involves a huge cost, out of which labor has a bulky contribution moreover now VOIP phone systems are in demand, therefore, Voice cabling requires data-level cabling, but ensure that the cable type supports both data and voice.

#6 Do not avoid cable management

cable management

Many business owners supervise the cabling infrastructure installation by structured cabling services in Dallas attentively but they lack cabling management. It requires precise management when more cable is added subsequently, cables should color-coded or labels, to make it easy for identification and avoiding confusion and the best way to efficiently manage cables is to use ladder rack.

#7 Avoid noisy devices and fixtures

Avoid using cables that cause electromagnetic disturbances in the devices, these magnetic and electric distance can lead to a chaotic situation in the business environment. Noisy fixtures like motors, fluorescent lighting and others that create disturbance in magnetic and electric interfaces can lead to devastation among the employees and business owners.

#8 Consider cabling standards

Consider cabling standards

There are certain standards to be followed to keep cables productive. Heat and moistures can sabotage the cables, cabling standards suggests ways to keep the cables cool and dry. EIA/TIA are standards for cabling created to follow relentlessly, these cabling standards contribute to the worker’s efficiency. If these standards are followed skeptically then they might affect the efficiency, and invite noise pollution.

#9 Test the cabling

Do not forget to test the cabling using precise tools, reconfirm the length of the cable. And ensure the working of proper transmission speed and that do check that it supports cable properties or not. Verification of cable is mandatory for the smooth working of devices, Cabling standards should be considered while installation of cabling by structured cabling by the IT support Dallas.

#10 Do not run electrical and unshielded cables parallelly

unshielded cables parallelly

A cable runs low voltage that generates a magnetic field carried by twisted-pair cables. When electrical and unshielded cables are run parallelly, In a few cases it can cause a disturbance in the magnetic field and consequently makes the communication noisy and even makes the transmission tough to travel from the two points while in other transmission rates slow down as the communication withdraws.

These are the top 10 mistakes to avoid while running a network cabling and get your cabling services done by an accurate and reliable structured cabling service in Dallas to attain uninterrupted and smooth working of your business.