April 20, 2021


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5 Underrated Netflix Extensions You Didn’t Know About

Netflix Extensions


So in today’s era of the new standard and quarantine, the demand for online entertainment has increased much more than ever, as people can not travel and have fun. Hence, the only thing they are left with is an online entertainment, and Netflix is one of the biggest online entertainment, and its demand is now seldom ending.

The youth has been addicted to Netflix. The slang “Netflix & Chill” is so popular all among the youth, and every one of us is almost into binge-watching nowadays, but here are some underrated Netflix extensions you rarely knew. You can also find a similar platform called vimeo to watch videos. You can look at this for some premium accounts online. 

So let us start 

1. Learning With Netflix

So everyone in this modern era of Netflix is quarantined at home and wants to try out new stuff and do as much as they can but but but….. How to avoid this habit of binge-watching on Netflix, but here’s a solution for all of you who wanted to learn a new language. 

Netflix provides you with two subtitles with a new language you want to learn, and the other is the native language that will help you understand the original language. Yes, now, you can brag in front of your friends that you haven’t completely wasted the quarantine but managed to learn something useful and knowledgeable.

2. Flip Flip Your Netflix

Ok, so here we are in this quarantine. We have become so lazy that we don’t even tend to sit and watch our favorite shows. We lie down, but again, how can this be so simple adjusting the screen of your phone or laptop, so here we have Netflix chrome extension for Netflix that helps you rotate your screen to 90degree and wallah! Your screen has been adjusted properly, and you can start binge-watching your shows without interruption of changing your screen again and again.

3. The Profanity Filter 

So here we all are locked up in our buildings, and we have a family staying with us too, so we try to entertain them as well with our so-called” Netflix era,” but again, the children, How can you push them away? So here is a NetFlix chrome extension, which helps you vanish the abusive or cursing language that is not bearable for the kids around us. 

You need to click on the NetFlix profanity option and add all those words which you feel are undesirable. Thus they will be removed from the subtitles, and audio will be muted so let’s go for the family movie session with pure fun and no awkwardness.


4. Say Yes To Being Lazier 

Ok, so here the new Netflix extension on chrome helps you become lazier..hahaha jokes apart, but the new application is fun like these video play key bindings as given below: 

. Press N in player if you want to go to the next episode during the episode that is currently being played 

. Press  B  in player if you’re going to go to the previous episode from the current episode 

. Press the down arrow in player to reduce the volume or the above up arrow in player to increase the volume 

. Press space/enter in player to pause or unpause your current episode

. Press M in the player to mute or unmute 

5. Extended Netflix

So this is also an outstanding feature for all the binge-watchers out there who don’t want to see the intro again and again so they can click on the skip intro option and binge-watch their fav shows, and yes, you can do the same with the recap option  So grab your snacks and enjoy your favorite shows and binge-watch them.

1) Netflix house party.

Netflix house party is a Netflix extension that gives us a real experience of watching a movie with friends. Netflix’s house party allows you to watch a movie with your long-distant friends, cousins, and family. All you need to do is share a party URL with friends you want to join in, and the movie will sync with their devices where there is a small chat box that allows you to talk about the video you are watching. 

This extension is perfect at times like these as it helps us maintain the social distancing rules that we need to follow and have a fun time with our loved ones who are staying far away!

2) Netflix’s hidden categories.

When in need to watch something new, Netflix’s hidden category comes in handy. This extension helps you search hundreds of hidden Netflix categories, and expansion puts all these categories into your Chrome browser, ready to explore.

You can even save your favorite category for easy searching when you visit your Netflix the next time.

3) No-Netflix Originals

Every year Netflix creates their own Netflix original series using millions of dollars in the production. However, some of their original series like Narcos, Money Heist, and Stranger Things are entertaining while some are not worth time engaging.

So if you are not a big fan of their original series No-Netflix Original extension will cut out all the Original series and will help you to block them out totally.

4) Super Netflix

This one honestly is worth using. This extension stands in one of my most loved extensions categories. Super Netflix comes with thousands of cool features like skip intro and many more.

This extension makes our viewing experience even more enjoyable. Other features included are improved video speed options, custom subtitles control, and spoiler saver, which cuts out all the information on your screen containing spoilers. It also can control the video streaming quality.


So here we are almost done, but if you all are watching NetFlix in this corona time, then there are a lot much more extensions on chrome, which i might not have written as i was going for the top 5, but if you liked it and want more of them do tell