April 20, 2021


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3 Ways LED Parking lot Lights Will Improve Income at Your Car Dealership

LED Parking lot Lights

As someone who runs a car dealership you’d know the importance of branding your business. As people zip past your dealership in their cars they need to immediately get attracted to the exterior of your facility. This isn’t easy when there are more than 16000 car dealerships in the United States and the number keeps growing every month. If you don’t work towards attracting customers to your dealership you are surrendering potential business to your competitors. You aren’t willing to do so, are you? Thus you will need to look for ways in which you can attract more people to your showroom without burning a hole in your pocket.

As potential customers walk into your showroom they need to have the immediate urge to buy the vehicles on display. Having said that how do you add that glamour quotient to your showroom? How do you stand ahead of your competition? It is good to start with the parking lot lights. Investing in LED lights for your parking lot can make a huge difference to the number of customer walk-ins and sales. It has worked for hundreds of dealerships and it will definitely work for you when planned and executed meticulously. Here we take a look at three ways in which LED parking lot lights can help you improve income and sales at your car dealership.

  1. It attracts potential customers
    Lighting fixtures for the last hundred years or so has been used by retail businesses as a crowd puller.  The more illuminated a place is more people are attracted towards it. Automobile dealerships were the first exponents of this strategy to target their customers. Decades back car dealerships targeted only the elites and hence they were the first businesses to have installed lights in their showroom. This strategy of using lights as a force multiplier has only gained more popularity over the years. In the modern day and age car dealerships continue to rely on good lighting to sell vehicles and accessories.

    LED parking lot lights have only added to this strategy as being energy efficient they allow you to make use of more lights in your showroom.            Since they come in different colour shades and forms you can work on different themes. These lights can easily be programmed with a controller and it gives you the perfect opportunity to play around with lights.

  2. Add to the glamour of the vehicle
    The biggest advantage of installing LED lights at your dealership is the fact that that makes the vehicles on display stand out.  You have seen how retail stores have been using lighting to their advantage and how different types of businesses use different colored lighting solutions to make their products appear the best. As a car dealership you also need to make sure that the vehicles on display make the perfect statement to the potential customers. By using the right amount of light and choosing the right colors you can enhance the color of the stock vehicle. Similarly you can highlight the new models that have just made it to the showroom and attract more attention of your customers on these vehicles. You can similarly use lights to guide customers to your accessories store.
  3. Convert hesitant customers into customers
    Your experience in this business would tell you that not everyone who walks into your showroom have made their mind to buy a vehicle. From people who walk into your showroom casually to those who are hesitant about their buying decision you see all kinds of people arrive at the showroom.        This is where LED parking lot lights can work to your advantage and convert the hesitant customer into someone who drives out the vehicle from your showroom.

    You can bowl then over with how the vehicle can add to their lifestyle. Since they will get to see the vehicle at its best they would be convinced about how the vehicle can define their personality. When you have great lighting at your facility it allows customers to have a closer look at the vehicle and do away with all the doubts or apprehensions they have in mind about the vehicle.

The advantages of installing LED lights at your dealership don’t end here. Apart from the three advantages we have mentioned above there are several other ways in which LED lights can improve your income and operating ratio. They help you bringing down your energy bills exponentially and research has proven that the productivity of employees also increases in a well-lit working environment which you would be able to easily achieve with LED lights.

To sum up lighting fixtures can often decide the success of any car dealership. Today with LED parking lot lights you can add to the glitz and glamour of your showroom which takes you to newer heights of sales and profits. You need to choose a lighting contractor who has the skills of designing and installing lighting solutions as per your needs.