April 20, 2021


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Latest Study Reveals How to Control Mindless Eating Habits

How to Control Mindless Eating Habits

Any dieter who has had followed a strict reduced-calorie diet in the past may definitely have witnessed gradual weight loss with his efforts, but with the passing of days, he would have realised that lost pounds begin to creep in as the strict adherence on the diet starts to wane off.

Based on a new study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it may not be important just to rely on counting calories vigilantly or monitoring food strictly in order to achieve success in losing weight and keeping it off for life. Rather, the newly published report insists that the best way to Battle the Bulge is to become an attentive eater in addition to controlling calorie consumption. 

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According to the research paper, a conclusive review of over 25 well-controlled studies disclosed that engaging some important tactics could help in eating less during the day — these include staying away from interruptions or diversions during meals, paying close attention to the food you are consuming while you are eating, and recollecting what was consumed in your previous meals.

Food study experts discovered that dieters who were diverted with television serials while eating, listening to the radio or were highly engrossed in reading a book while eating tended to eat much more than usual. In addition, it was seen that such eaters also consumed much more food during their next meals as such participants were unaware of the amount they had consumed during their previous meals, while they were distracted with their respective diversions.

Other circumstances that caused participants to eat more and be less aware of their meals included, eating food in a dimly lit atmosphere as well as taking away empty plates from the table during a buffet meal. The overall results of the study also revealed that there was great similarity between uncontrolled eaters and controlled eaters (people who were careful about what they were eating in order to control weight gain).

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In the report it was further revealed that participants who recollected the foods present in their previous meals consumed during lunch were inclined to eat much less during an afternoon snack as compared to those who were specifically told not to pay any attention to the amount of food that they consumed. An individual, who recalled that a previous meal was gratifying and substantial, consumed controlled-calorie portion meals in their subsequent meals.

The results of the study brought about a theory that anything that can be done to boost one’s memory of what is being consumed can help in restraining how much food is being consumed at that particular meal and particularly in the future. Food experts are of the opinion that when individuals make decisions about eating food, they draw on past memories about the gratifying effects of the most recent meal they would have consumed.

Scientists are of the opinion that even though controlling portion size is a huge point in cutting down calories and eventually achieving weight loss; it is much more important to incorporate attentive eating tactics in order to give a sharper edge towards one’s endeavours in losing excessive weight for life and staying fit.


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